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Friday, April 24, 2009

Friday's word of the day is FANCY!

Tiaras, Boas, and Oooh-La-La!
From Glamour to Dapper, Lil'Gal lives in her own Fancy World! ;-)
She believes in all things Glamorous -- that's fancy for stylish and beautiful like a movie star! ;-)
Lil'Gal luuuuuuuuuvs Fancy Nancy.  What Lil'Gal wouldn't? She's pondered through the pages of her many 'Fancy Nancy' books so often that the images are burned into her mind. 
She's always the perfect "Hostess" of all the many tea parties she's invited me to in her room.
Recently it has become her mission and she has been busily working away daily to Accessorize (that's a Fancy word for decorate with extra stuff) her own room -- the Fancy Nancy Way!
I purchased a hot pink boa (with a coupon, of course) to drape atop one of the doorways of her room and it looks abolutely adorable -- excuse me -- Fancy!  We also purchased a pink trash can and a Tiara shaped clock.  But that wasn't fancy enough.
Her name is hung in wooden letters that I painted pretty and bright!  They are strewn across her wall from bright white crowns painted with fields of pretty flowers.  This was me too! ;-)
She loves them, but still something is lacking in the Fancy Department.
There is an adorable white shelf for the display of Fancy Things with old fashioned, glass knobs below -- to hang more pretty things.  (I had hubby make this, he said it couldn't be done... never tell a Mama No).  And, of course, here is the little white vanity we added a few months ago.
I thought all this would curb her appetite for a Fancy room.  But, alas no.  It's nice, it's Fancy, but not....  "Fancy enough," as she tends to say.
This morning I went to let her know it was time to leave for school.  I found a home-made paper door knocker with the words "Do Not ENTER Lil'Gal's Rum."  I giggled to myself.  I found her in her closet with my tape dispenser and a bunch of empty cardboard paper towel rolls.  "I'm recycling, Mama..." she says with a sweet smile and eyes sparkling happily like blue diamonds.
I'm melted.
Do you know what she was trying to make for her not-quite-fancy enough room?  A canopy bed!  Yes at a month from six-years-old, she's creative enough to stuff empty paper towel rolls together and adhere with tape.  [See Fancy Nancy had to improvise (another Fancy word) and used broom sticks for hers.]  ;-D
So I made her a promise.  After school today (and after their Friday after school ice cream cone at the little diner -- with free Wi-Fi!!!) we are all heading into town to hit the hobby store in search of more things Fancy!
I'll post some shots of what we bought and some 'After Fancifying' shots too!  I'm thinking another boa is definitely on the list, some door hangers she can decorate with messages like, "No Boys Allowed," "Knock Before Entering," and of course, "A Princess Lives Here."
I'm also hoping to find something to suspend a noteboard or cork board of some type from the top of the door for her pictures and additional messages.  Hubby won't let us adhere anything permanently to the outside of her door so that's what I've come up with so far.
Poor Farmer, Jr.  He's going to be fuming at having to come along on this excursion (that's fancy for special trip) for Fancy. Hopefully, we can find him something "Zany" for himself! (That's fancy for very silly)
Happy FANCY Friday!



Prohomemaker.Com said...

Lil Gal is Mega-Princess! Too funny about her creativity witha toilet paper roll. :-) She's starting to sound like an HGTV show -- "Toilet Paper Roll Makeovers"

Got friends coming down tomorrow, so play weekend for me (and having them to dinner manana night), Now if I can only get my hair cut!

Gary Rith Pottery Blog said...

Fancy Friday but Farmer jr is fuming? Forgeddaboudit!

kcinnova said...

I love this fancy post! Lil'Gal is ALL-gal, isn't she? :)
God knew what He was doing when He gave me boys... I wouldn't know how to do all those FANCY things! :)