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Thursday, April 2, 2009

Free POT! For Real!!!!! Oh, MY!

Guess what Gary found?  A GiveAway for free pottery for Earth Day!  Okay, she is a friend a friend of his -- but she's giving away this hand 'thrown' pottery!
You can click the title or you can click here for Cinderlish!  Ya' know what else?  I just got ten more entries for blogging this!  Come on y'all, take two minutes and play along!  [I so hope I win this bowl!]
WHOOP!  What a Thursday!  And, I've gotten some fabulous responses in for sources to cite in my Child Stranger Safety article I'm writing for May's issue of Root & Sprout
Guess what else I got?  I was contacted by a previous article source and she is sending me a great book to review!  Whoop!  More of that good stuff is coming!  So, hang onto your saddle 'cuz this horse is out of the shoot/chute/the stall!!!



Gary Rith Pottery Blog said...

how much fun is that, a book to review on top of everything else????? GO FW!

kcinnova said...

*giggle* I think you meant chute! Don't shoot that horse! ;)

(This from someone who talked about NAVAL oranges on Tuesday...)

Fiona said...

you had me giggling with the free pot thing!

C said...

Sorry I haven't been around. Thank you for the comments. I have been busy this week, not to mention sick. I am so happy for you and the Root and Sprout thing! You go girl. Hope you had a fab weekend.

Cinderelish said...

Thanks for the post. Ten more entries for you. Good Luck.