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Monday, April 6, 2009

Did I hear FREE?????

Did I read hear FREE?  Again????  And, easy?  No jumping through hoops?  WOW!  Awesome!
Okay Boys and Guys, I realize that free bags and cosmetics from Estee' Lauder (and perfume) doesn't intrigue you to comment but JUST THINK about it if you won? You could give some great lady in your life a fabulous GIFT! She doesn't have to know you WON it for FREE. So, enter anyway. Mother's Day is coming up very soon -- just a few weeks away in fact! I should know, I'm a Mother. And, don't think your own Mom isn't secretly counting down the days on the calendar and wondering if you will remember in time to WIN buy her something special! Something expensive and special. And, ladies? Who wouldn't love all this to have and to own or to regift among Mom and MIL share with the other significant Mom roles in our lives? Then again, if lucky enough to win it -- I'd think that'd be an omen that you deserve it all to yourself. So, click the title -- pop over and drop a comment (let them know you came by way of me -- I don't get extra credit for that -- just was sayin') and help out a great cause too! Happy Winnings! Off to re-do some of what I already did and then do some new stuff and writing too. Whew! I'm a lucky Gal. Busy, lots on my plate -- but, lucky.



Jay said...

That's a pretty cool giveaway right there!

roy/elisabeth dean said...

WoW! THanks Farmer's Wife!!!
That's quite a shout out. I hope you win and hog it all for yourself!

I just read your recipe for easy crescent danish rolls.....that will be Wednesday morning's brunch for my hubby for sure!

Have a wonderful day~ Thanks again for helping to spread the word about my little giveaway.

Betty said...

lol! I went to the cosmetics counter on my lunch break this week and picked up some make up and got a free gift. I was so excited. I love free gifts. lol!
Thanks I'll stop by and enter this one.