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Thursday, April 2, 2009

I'm saving you money! Right Here!

Want to save $1.00 on Coffee Mate Creamer (dairy or powder), then click Here. :-)
Want to save $1.00 on Nature Source natural Green Cleaning products?  It's new and it's from the Right@home and the makers of Scrubbing Bubbles.  Click here.
If you clipped your coupons from the Sunday paper -- you can actually save $2.00 on this product! ;-) Want to save up to $11.45 on Pillsbury products (Pillsbury, Cheerios and cereal, yougurts, and more)? Then click here. Sign up and they'll send them to you regularly! This is another great savings when you combined these printed coupons with your newspaper clipped coupons. :-) FYI, here in South Texas, Super Walmart is fantastic about combining coupons. But, you want to find a friendly checker who knows what she is doing. Remember my last big savings of $53.00??? That's in part because I knew who to go to who would be sure to key them ALL in. And, boy did she! With the manager's help as well! If you want the best savings emailed to you and mailed in booklets to your door, you must sign up with Right @ Home! I guarantee you'll be glad you did!
And, Home Made Simple gives you $30.00 in savings on the six products shown above!!!  Click the link immediately to have yours in the mail!
Who doesn't like Febreze? Well, thank me now because I have brought more savings directly to you! I can smell your happiness as you click here for Febreze Savings.
If you are a name brand detergent Peep you can print a $1.00 coupon here for Cheer. I tend to be cheap on the detergent and put the money into the softness and scent with fabric softener and dryer sheets.
One one more for the fun of it! Del Monte. This link here will allow you to print a $1.00 off towards your favorite Del Monte "Fruit Undressed" line. :-)
Will that help leave some change in your wallet?  
Don't forget to enter my GiveAway for the "Glade" scent warmer (with a built in fan)!  All ya gotta' do is comment to me here!  Yeah, I'm that easy!  *snicker*
Happy Thursday, almost FWFD!!!!  (I'll be back with a fab recipe just in time for spring and Easter!)



The Real Life Fairy Tale Princess said...

I hereby rename you "The Bargain Guru!" hehe... Keep up the great work hun! (((hugs)))

kcinnova said...

My head is spinning with those bargains!
Thanks, FW!