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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Free on Me! Who Won? I'll tell ya!

Howdy All,
It's time for me to announce the winner of the freebie Cascade Crystal Clear Rinse agent.....
Lil'Gal did the drawing when she arrived home from school today, but she expressed "no video." 
What?  No video?  Lil'Gal?  She humored me long enough to do the random drawing, but only because she made a deal that I would then go outside with her to watch as she rode her scooter/hoola'd her hoop/jumped with her rope/swang on the swing-set.  :-)  A Mama's job can be grand that way. :-D
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So, the winner is @jenscloset a/k/a Jens Closet blog. She's got a great little Etsy site and just had her ONE year anniversary there on April first, if you can believe it. I like poppin' in and looking a the great little milk glass items and other dishes and and antique glass she lists over there.  I know one day she'll post something there I just HAVE to have. Kinda' like Gary does. :-)
So, there you have it!  A full day, huh?  A badge, a GiveAway winner, what's next?
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Oh, I know!  The Fiber One Gift Set is still up for grabs until midnight tomorrow (Thursday, April 16th, 2009).  So, be sure to pop in here to comment to win. There is a little tip on how to earn some extra chances. Just so you know -- The yogurt is yum and all FREE! The water bottle is awesome!  In fact, the past week I have actually carried it with me through the day and had it at my bedside at night and hydrated myself -- and I can tell a difference in how I feel.   No joke, I would not sell you snake oil.   The pedometer is a great way to count the steps (I can't wait to count'em up when I bissell the floors!) and then there is a nifty journal that goes with it. So, it's a deal you won't want to skip out on. I still have another GiveAway to post. I was going to post it last Friday but things didn't work out that way.   So, I think I'll post it this Friday -- remember the bathing suit thingie I mentioned? [It's not what you think, LOL!] So, be looking for it.... Happy almost Thursday!



Gary Rith Pottery Blog said...

you are a little like Santa with all these giveaways, aren't you? :)

Baseball Mom said...

Gary I read snake not Santa .. LOL.

She is going to be ranking Give-a-way Queen soon.

I want an early sneak peeky-poo on Friday. :-)

Anonymous said...

Giggling away at the idea of FW as a snake-oil salesman from South Texas...

The Queen said...

Farmer's wife has been nominated for

GHL.. go get your badges and get em up on your site so everyone can go vote for you..

Come on gang.. she gives so much to us.. let's all give back..

The Queen

Chatty said...

Hey! Speaking of Fiber One - did you do any of the Fiber One quizzes they had recently? My friend tried and tried to win the prizes, but had no luck. However, she had fun, and learned a lot about fiber. Me? I already know TOO MUCH about fiber!
Did you take any pictures of the hoola-hooping? That brings up fond memories from childhood...

Betty said...

Congratulations to the winner!