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Tuesday, April 28, 2009


I heard an excerpt of this song this morning on the way to school with the kids and I thought, "Hey! I'm Unbelievable!" Today is Unbelievable! All that I've gotten done the past 36 hours is, well, Unbelievable! [All that is still left to do today is also -- wait for it -- Unbelievable!] So, the word of the day is: UNBELIEVABLE!!! Use it in a sentence. Use it in an exclamation! Look in the mirror, smile slyly at yourself and say, "You ARE Unbelievable!" [It works even better if you wink!] Just the way you enunciate the syllables of the word can completely change to expression it gives. You know what else is unbelievable? That coupon link below that will save you $1.50 on Yogurt. :-D Sunday I purchased a four pack of Fiber One Yogurt (Lil'Gal loves the Key Lime and she needs the extra fiber) for 8 cents! Yep, combined two $1.00 coupons -- UNBELIEVABLE!! Right? So, Unbelievable! This one is for Yoplus, which I personally like! Especially, when I combine this coupon with my newspaper clipping and get a four pack for pennies! $1.50 coupon I have another giveaway too! Actually, I have lots of Giveaway stuff but posting it one week at a time. This week will be a double giveaway -- I'll get it up. By this PM, I promise!! Geeze, no time to pop in all my places! Today is supposed to be my day for bloggin, visiting my peeps, and networking for Root & Sprout and all the upcoming changes there. FYI, does anyone know how to capture stats from feed subscribers? I'm still learning all this stuff and I know there are ways to automatically calculate all hits in any way, shape or click. So, please share! I'll be UNBELIEVABLy thankful! It's 9:40 already? UN-BELIEVABLE! OH!! Happy Tuesday! Make it Unbelievable! Pssst, that recipe is coming too!


roy/elisabeth dean said...

Happy Tuesday F's W!
It really IS an unbelievable day here in Bama....
I'm about to go out in this 87 degree weather and clean the pool furniture and deck!
Thanks for the coupon heads-up~ I heart yogurt!

Gary Rith Pottery Blog said...

OH YES this TUNE KICKS IT FW...rock on.......

Tink said...

Key Lime flavored Fiber One? YUM! I think I'll add that to my grocery list.

Prohomemaker.Com said...

I use Google Analytics. There is some code that Art loaded on the blog, and it works great -- users, sources, etc