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Monday, April 13, 2009

Extra-Extra! Blog Awards! Come and Get Um!!

OMG!  I feel like I'm so behind.  I never did list my GiveAway I wanted to list on Friday.  But, Friday was a busy day and the kids only had half-a-day at school.  I still have phone calls I haven't returned because I kinda' locked myself up to get some stuff done (work related) :)  I *heart* that!
Working from home is 'Da-BOMB!'  Except when the kids are home all the time and won't let you get any work done -- or allow you to have any 'undistracted-complete' thoughts.  *sigh*
So, this is where I've been all weekend.  Plus we went out for seafood by the ocean with some friends on Friday PM to round out the end of Lent; my nephew, Famer T, had is birthday party Saturday which turned out to be nasty-crappy weather; Sunday was Easter and the weather was fantastic so there ain't going to be any workin then; and, today the kids are out of school.  
So, I'm going to pimp out my GiveAways again -- click the cascade and then scroll to enter for the Fiber One Gift set -- the water bottle is so super awesome; no ordinary water bottle.  Me and Lil'Gal fight for it.  And, the pedometer?  I'll begin wearing that tomorrow in my new effort to trim my waistline.  Summer is here!
I was pleasantly surprised and tickled to the toe to receive honors from two great bloggers!  
It's_Me_Betty gave me an award bundle!!! Then, I received a sweet little comment from Is It Monday Already? and she shared a big bundle of awards too!!!!!
So, here it goes! I'm awarding my bloggies who follow me, read me, visit me, hit my silly ads (you do once in awhile, don't you? LOL) and support myself and my endeavors along with visiting me at Root & Sprout to give me and other writers over there support as well!/div>       
So, the idea is to give away a big blog bundle package.  But, y'all know me and I always have to 'change it up and make it my own.'  So, I'm going to doll these babies out as I feel they apply and share with a whole bunch of peeps.  You may then covet it and hang it on your blog wall for all to see and revere.
Or, you may choose to share it and pass the blog love along! :-)  
The Pink "Certified Queen of Blogs" obviously has to go to The Queen. You can't argue with that one! The Best Blogger Buddy award goes to:
That Was Today, my pal who brought me to the blog world. Glass Half Empty, Sweet D. :-D Pro-Homemaker, The Super Homemaker, Saver, and all things helpful. Potter's Blog, Gary -- the man who made the bunny pencils. ;-) Kcinnova Cynical B@stard (Thanks for the big shout outs and tweets)
The Kind Blogger Awards goes to:
And, finally, the I Heart Your Blog award goes to:
Fairy Flutters, her daughters are adorable, curly Sues!
Tree, Root & Twig For the Love of Pete Harmful if Swallowed Green Olives & Pickle Juice Pickled Beef Three Weddings (she's also a co-team member at Root & Sprout! Go check it out! Come on, pop over there! Knight, she's fabulous! TT's Paint and Spackle Juice WHEW! And, don't feel left out. For those of you I forgot fingers are tired and I am too to mention, the award all the way up at the top of this post is for YOU!!!! So, take it away! Take'em one and all and have yourself a Super Awarded Monday!



Anonymous said...

thanks!! I'm gonna have to get back over here soon and steal this one and the one you gave me a few weeks ago away and display them on my blog! you're so sweet!!


Gary Rith Pottery Blog said...

MEMEMEME!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IMA WINNER!
::big thank you high five::
Thanks FW!

Delaney said...

I gave that one to Betty so I won't be posting this award but I do appreciate you thinking of me and plugging my giveaway blog. You are great!

Jay said...

Thanks for the award babe!! ;-)

Karen said...

Thanks! I'm glad someone still loves me even though I've been lame lately. I promise to get better!
Thanks again!

The Queen said...

Thank you thank you thank you.. I love it...

Baseball Mom said...

Thank you so much. :)

Prohomemaker.Com said...

Oh that is just wonderful. I just gotta figure out how the heck I post it -- will it post as a picture like a JPG? I am showing my dodo-ness. :-)

tt said...

I've been MIA for almost a month and I get an award??? You're too kind sweets! Thanks :)
Happy Tuesday gal!

kcinnova said...

Awww, you are too sweet! :)

Betty said...

Last week did seem to just fly by, didn't it? Goodness.
Dinner by the ocean sounds great. :)

Congrats on your awards. :)

Debbie Yost said...

Yay! I got an award! Woo-hoo! Yippee! (doing cartwheels - ooh, better not, I'm too old for those and was never any good at them anyway) But, thanks! I really appreciate it.