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Monday, September 28, 2009

CASEY and BELLA Go to Hollywood

"Casey and Bella" is an adorable series of children's books and accessories based on two real dogs, Casey a Jack Russell Terrier and Bella, a Yorkie. In their first book, they visit New York City. They meet wonderful, colorful characters as they splash across the Hudson river on a ferryboat. While on this little escapade, Casey and Bella learn an important lesson about "Treating others how you would like to be treated." This is what I love about this book series. Well, first, it's written in rhyme -- not a poem -- but a story in rhyme. Which makes it easier for early readers to read and follow. But secondly, each book teaches a positive life lesson for kids that is easily illustrated in the conversations Casey and Bella have with each other and the friends they make along the way. Each book also supports and donates a portion of the proceeds earned to a special children's charity. Another great thing about this author (Jane Lovascio) is the involvement she and her book series has within the schools. Each year, 3rd, 4th and 5th graders are encouraged to write their own "Casey and Bella" adventure for a chance to have their story published as the next book in the series. The most recently released book, released this month, was co-authored by a 4th grader named Autumn Varca from New Jersey. Additionally, Autumn was presented with $500 and a character named after her in the book.
Autumn's story was about Casey and Bella going 'Green'. How cool is that?! Kids can actually participate and influence the books from a loveable series they enjoy reading.
[FYI, the proceeds from the book Autumn co-authored will benefit "Autism Speaks!"] The book I received for review (and to keep for my kids to read) is "Casey and Bella Go To Hollywood". During their whimsical touristic trip through town (they snuck out of their hotel room while their owners were out touring themselves), Casey and Bella share two life lessons with the new friends they make along the way: "Money can't buy you happiness," and "Always be true to yourself."
I love books; books for kids are better; and books with morals? Sweet Febreeze! Luv'em!
The second Annual Writing Contests kicks off this month. For more information if your 3rd, 4th or 5th grader wants to participate contact or 201-866-7338.
You can also find out more at or
And, to read and/or purchase a few from this series yourself, they are available at Baker & Taylor, Barnes & Noble, Borders, other retails stores and online.
I'm thinking about adding the rest of the series to our children's book collection for Christmas. Or, I might purchase one or two for teacher gift for the holidays -- teacher's love books that teach morals.


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