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Thursday, September 17, 2009

First National Family Game Night!

NATIONAL Family Game Night! Mark Your Calendars!
Playing games with our children and as a family is more than just about "fun" for our kids and family. It's about bonding. But, did you know that in addition to fun and family bonding, games are educational. While playing games, children are also learning important skills such as:
Problem Solving
Cognitive Recognition
Social skills and cooperation (that's a good one)
Mathematics and "Financial Literacy" (think Monopoly)
Language skills, and more.
For more on The Importance of Family Game Night, you can read my article published Here. :-)
Just the same, Game Time isn't just about Family. A few weeks ago we had a couple over for dinner and visiting. I pulled out the dice and we played several rounds of FARKLE (No, not FaceBook Farkle this time. The real game, the old fashioned way, LOL! Real dice and real pad and pencil, and, um. I think a calculator).
If you notice, I've added a "Badge" above my blog post to remind everyone that Wednesday, September 23, is the first-ever National Family Game Night! On this day, Hasbro is encouraging families across America to spend an evening at home playing games together to reconnect and reenergize relationships.
If you want to know more about it follow @familygamenight on Twitter, here you can find daily trivia, game news and information.
Remember, in today's super busy life -- let's chart out a little time on the schedule for FUN!!



Lisa said...

yes maam we all need to make time for good ol family fun. Life is too short and the days can never be brought back. And happy Thursday to you as well my dear!

kcinnova said...

We love playing games as a family -- harder to do now with the older ones so busy on the weekends AND weekdays -- and we always play card games with extended family on my dh's side.
I'm a little baffled as to why National Family Game Night happens on a Wednesday...
Isn't that a) a school night (why yes, yes it is!) and b) typically a church night for many families?

Our favorite intergenerational family game is Apples to Apples. They have 3 different versions: the regular one for ages 12 and up, one for the youngest ones (I think ages 4-10) and a third option for ages 8-14 (or something like that). We like to mix it up around here, I guess!