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Monday, September 21, 2009

In Honor of Fall.

It's another Monday. Though, I love Monday's because they are a chance to have a brand new week and make it better and more successful than the previous week. Such as Mama not losing her temper, Children not whining and fussing and griping about homework, and Hubby being just generally happy and satisfied to take a moment and just enjoy the life we've built.
For some, Monday's are hard. They are an abrupt ending to a soothing weekend.
Well, this particular Monday marks the last day of summer. And, on this Monday, I mourn....just a little. Because summer is when I blossom. My emotions fly like a butterfly as my thoughts flitter here and there... Somedays, I'm so full of life under the warmth of the sun that I almost hum through the day like a hummingbird -- constant movement, even when completely still, in one constant space.
So, as I head out to pick up my kids from school and into the afternoon and evening of the day, I am preparing myself. Preparing for a new season. The season of Fall.
And for some reason, this song just transitions me. Because, even as the seasons change, I always have a warm safe place to Fall. Someone to catch me. And, for that I am blessing.
So long is heading into Fall....



Lis Garrett said...

I'm quite partial to fall. Jeans and comfy sweatshirts, flannel sheets and soft robes, apple cider and crackling fires . . .


Prohomemaker.Com said...

Fall is my *favorite* time of year! IN San Diego, it's gloriously sunny nearly every day (but only about 72-75) and then it gets nice and chilly at night, say in the high 50s. Can't wait!

kcinnova said...

Another vote for fall here! Autumn has some of the best sensory treats -- smells, tastes, temperatures... I love it! I think I'll be cheering at 5:18pm this evening. :)