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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Got TONGUE?? Piper does.

This is Piper. She's got a lot of tongue. She likes her tongue. She likes to show her tongue and share her tongue....with everyone. :-)
So, Piper came to visit this past Saturday along with Sweet D and Uncle J. This was the first time we got to meet the new family member (although, she is driving Sweet D a little unsweet.) :-D
Here she is waiting for "Mommie" a/k/a Sweet D to come back outside. Notice how the head is down and slightly saddened? Well, except for the Happy Tongue. :-)
We were getting in a little work out. I used to do the kids like this when they were babies. Although, I didn't do it outside on the porch. Piper didn't seem to mind. It's hard to tell from the picture; but, she's showing her tongue. I think she wants to lick me....
Piper hug, complete with tongue. Tummy rub....and tongue. Nap. No tongue. Just snuggles..... No, I didn't slosh myself and pass out in the doggie kennel. Sweet D and Uncle J prompted me to get in there with Piper for the photo shoot. So being the willing person I am (and, having had a couple glasses of wine), I abliged them. :-D I think Piper was a little jealous too. Because I had her stuffed aqua bear. It was soft. And, no tongue. So, my internet is finally up again. After almost three, THREEEEE, 3, TRES, III, TREI, XXX, THREE, three, days. Did I mention it was down for almost threeeeee whole days? It was. It sucked. Times 3. Tres true...
I'll be making the rounds tonight to read my peeps!
Happy Hump-Day. It rained! So, I put some Diggity in it!



kcinnova said...

Watch out for that tongue! ;)
Piper looks like a very sweet pup, and you are looking great there doing the doggie exercises! :D

Phil Nash said...

Piper looks like a lot of fun. I have an eight year old rescue dog. Hope Piper continues to bring you all joy.