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Saturday, September 19, 2009

What Dreams May Come: Day 4

The past four nights I have had vidid dreams, disturbing dreams. I've also had headaches. Disturbing headaches. I believe this is due to the fact that I am a regular coffee + tea = caffeine; and, yet I have abstained from both since This Happened.
So, Day one I had this dream, which was the night of the onset of the aforementioned "This Happened."
Day 2, was really funky again. I can't remember just what it entailed though.
Day 3, I had yet another bad dream. So did Lil'Gal. Strange? Day 3 I dreamed that my son was abducted by this freaky, rich guy, who also was a doctor of some sort. I know this because somehow, Hubby and I tracked the doctor-kidnapper down to his beach home.
At the beach home there was this big lit up tank in the middle of the ocean, hundreds of yards out. Sharks circled in and out of this lit dome. You could see the dome from the plate glass walls that faced out to the Ocean....And, the dome.
While negotiating with the doctor-kidnapper (he'd discovered we'd found him out but though he wasn't at home) a severe lightening storm and thundering rain began to fall. Suddenly, this super sized (the size of a building) shark was in the lit up underwater dome and attacked and ate another shark. WTH??
So, somehow, I devise a plan. The doctor-kidnapper and his wife/girlfriend/accomplice are in the beach house and I have my 44 revolver (I don't personally own a 44 revolver, I own a Ladies Special, 38, snub nose. Though, I want a 44 revolver.)
So, I have a shot with perfect aim and I shoot the doctor-kidnapper in the back of the head. Only, my 44 revolver long barrel shoots a forceful stream of orange juice at him. So, obviously, this pisses the doctor-kidnapper off and he yells to his wife/girlfriend/accomplice "PLAN B! PLAN B!"
She hands him a revolver (this is the part that I cringed sooooo bad at) and he shoots my son in the back of the head. [I about puked in my dream.] I struggle with the 'bad-guy' he loses the gun. I retrieve it and I kill him, in the same manner as above.
Somewhere in all of this while I am completely freaked out and am a sobbing worthless mess, the police charge me with both crimes. It's being debated over the next 36 hours or so. And, every so often it hits me what happened to my son and I freak out all over again.
So, I wake up. Completely shaken. Awhile later, once I am up -- and again averting coffee -- Lil'Gal comes in with the statement, "Mommy, I had a bad dream." I inquired and she said she dreamt someone "stole her." !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Day 4. Coffee free, tea free and hating it, yet still afraid and abstaining. Hubby's 40th birthday. Friends come over with steaks. We eat, we drink, we play Farkle with real dice and are merry. They leave after 11:pm. Hubby and I shower and hit the hay.
I dream, again. Only this dream, is about infidelity. WTH???
Apparently, "I" am the cheater-cheater. But, I don't actually CHEAT-cheat. I hug and smooch out with this other man (apparently a friend of my friend's husband. Again, WTH?) while Hubby is out each evening or weekend doing, farm stuff....
So, Hubby becomes suspicious and suddenly in my dream I am wondering why I am so stupid (in actual-ality, I didn't remember being married until later in the dream. I hate that!) and the fact that I could lose my husband, kids and everything. But, I didn't mean too!
Stupid Dream!
So, my friend and I vow that we will never mention it and her husband's friend understands that I have too much at stake. Only, my friend has now been drinking and is just popping off comments at the top of her head. My only hope is that hubby and I get to our 'cabin' and go to sleep.
But, what about the bottle of wine? It has a name written on it. ProHomaker ???????? Maybe it's his bottle of wine?
Anyhow, I wake up from this dream. Again, shaken. I realize the time and jump from bed, brush my teeth and am about to dress for church and make the kids some toast when I realize it is Saturday morning. "Phewwwwww." I go back to bed and snuggle with Hubby.
And, forget about all these stupid dreams. Or, have I?
Moral of the story is. I need to take Excedrine Migraine until I can convince my tummy that coffee and tea are good things...both to cure my caffeine withdrawal, induced headaches and these awful, icky, dreams I've been having.
Well, kids are playing with the million of bean sized frogs we caught by the gate (after all the rain) and I am headed to the computer office to work on my crafting "How To" articles.
Happy Saturday!



Krishna said...

maybe you should slowly wean yourself from the caffeen by cutting to half decaf and maybe the headaches won't be there?

Farmer*swife said...

Krishna, the weaning is not intentional. I had a really sour stomach with some upchuck the beginning of the week.

Since then, the thought of coffee or tea makes me nautious.... :-(

Lis Garrett said...

Hmmmm . . . me thinks there is serious stuff going on somewhere deep in your brain. ;-)

I *hate* dreams in which my children die. The last one I had was of Jacob walking off a cliff. It was one of those where I couldn't get to him in time. When I was pregnant with Hannah and about due, I had one I miscarried and could actually see her spirit drifting away. Ugh. I woke up sobbing uncontrollably.

I got a kick out of that "Plan B! Plan B!"

Sonya said...

Sorry about all the weird dreams. I'd be lost w/o caffeine! That would be hard for me too to stop. I find research to be true that we sleep in cycles of 1.5 hours. The dream stage is somewhere in the middle of that. So if you can plan your sleeping time as 6 hours, 7.5 hours, or 9 hours etc. That way you can complete the cycle and not wake up in the middle of your REM (RApid Eye Movement) stage which dreams occur. When we remember our dreams, it's usually that we have woken up in the middle of the REM. Sleep, dreams, insomnia has always intrigued me and I've written research papers on them. lol

Gary Rith Pottery Blog said...

OMG, what is in the air? I have had disturbing dreams too all week!

kcinnova said...

I get the caffeine withdrawal headaches (never intentional withdrawal, just forgetful some mornings!) but those dreams are AWFUL!! Get some caffeine in you, pronto!!

Prohomemaker.Com said...

That's where my wine went to!


Sorry you've been having the weird dreams ... I am sure you're right that it's the cafeeine or the sinus medicine. Speaking of which, many OTC sleep pills are nothing but Benedryl, and many people complain of having weird dreams when taking it. So I think we may have the big connection -- the sinus pills.