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Saturday, September 5, 2009

Labor Day Weekend: FW Report Vlog

Howdy y'all,
Haven't done a Farmer*sWife report via vlog in awhile so I thought I would enhance your day with my video'd beauty and voice. :-D [You are soooo welcome!]
But, in true, typical, Macxine fashion -- she cut off the end. But, I'd already opened my beer and consumed half of it when I realized it so you get what I got, LOL! [I think the problem might be memory? I've saved too many vlogs? I'll work on that. In the meantime... Here I go, again.]
What I was saying at the end of the vlog is that I sware my Lil'Gal is a teenager who has been reincarnated to make my blood pressure rise. And, she's only six. *sigh*Super-sigh* What to do about that....
I'll save the rest of that for another post. Sweet D and Uncle J are coming out and they are bringing Piper, the Boxer Pup with them. I hopin' the Piper and the Youngin's will wear each other out. :-D So, is Sweet D. :-DD
Happy Labor-Free day. Remember, keep Monday free and clear. Take a nap. Drink a beer.



Gary Rith Pottery Blog said...

Your curly hair does look terrific, doesn't it? :)
Labor-free day is a much better name alright!
Labor day is important up here, I think, because the weather turns REALLY COLD directly after. I really marks the end of summer for us, as Lis would agree, so it could have a name like 'Summer's end' or something! Happy weekend FW!
AND OMG say hello to Sweet D and the pup, I love those guys!!!!!!

kcinnova said...

Hurray for an FW Vlog! I love these. :)
I think I read recently that Labor Day is about celebrating the accomplishments of the American labor force (esp. the blue collar workers). Anyhow, it is celebrated by a day OFF work and isn't that what is important for us today?
Hoisting a beer in your direction,
KC :)

Stuff could always be worse said...

Hope you have a great Labor Day.