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Thursday, September 3, 2009

Over or Under...

OVER. I am definitely and "Over the Roll" kind of Gal. If I come to your house and access your restroom facilities, I will be unable to resist the urge to reload your T.P. in "over the roll" fashion.
It just makes for sense. But don't take it from me. Read the science to it. Because, there IS a right way and wrong way. And, I'm here to convert you to the right way to hang your roll your paper.
For example, 'over the roll' is more accessible and lends itself to a cleaner tear. Less waste and no jagged edges left hanging ugly-ly behind. Under the roll often prompts more sheets spinning loose than are needed, resulting in a 're-roll' of exposed and now unsanitary paper. Ewwww.
The thought of someone else's hands on the squares I'm about to use is...just....ewwww.
You don't agree? Well, think about it for a minute. When you stay in a hotel room, have you noticed how the edge of the toilet paper roll is folded into a nice triangle point? Why do you think they do that?
Sure, there is the aesthetics of it as it looks pretty that way; but, more importantly it's convenient. No spinning the roll to find where it begins. :-D
This concept crosses over to the paper towel roll as well. Really, any type of paper. Wax paper. Banner paper. Butcher paper. Wrapping paper -- well no, wrapping paper has to be an 'under' do to the pattern. So, I guess it's the exception to the rule.
I will confess that I have changed the paper towel in the homes of my friends. I try to fight it as it might seem a bit intrusive. But, sometimes I just can't help myself. You know me, I'm a helpful Gal. ;-)
What about when the paper towel roll hangs on the perpendicular? There is NO apparent over or under. Yes, there is.
Front/Top = 'over'
Back/Behind/Bottom = 'under'
If you want one sheet torn at a time, be sure to feed your paper towel rack with the sheets on top and to the front. ;-)
There you have it. I've solved it for you. If you aren't a believer or a convert yet, you can go out and google your own research. But, it'd be just as easy to take it from me. ;-)
I hope I just simplified your life a little more; you know me, I aim to please.
Happy Thursday, almost FWFD!!



Jay said...

Over. Definitely over. Actually my TP just sits on the edge of the sink cause it's too much effort to put it into that little holder thingy.

Hot TP is folded into that triangle because it's more like paper than toilet paper. That's why I don't stay at low end budget hotels. Rough TP sucks. haha

Baseball Mom said...

Oh there is no other way than over. I can not stand going anywhere and it is under. As like you I just might swap it out if I go some where and it is under.

Though I had a nice giggle @ your post.

Happy ALMOST Friday, but still Thursday!!

roy/elisabeth dean said...

I used to keep the TP "over", but now I have a cat that will unroll every roll in 3 bathrooms if I don't turn it "under". She gets frustrated and gives up after a couple of swipes if it doesn't unroll onto the floor. So then, I just have to throw away a few shredded squares unstead of several rolls.
I know what you're thinking....keep the doors to the bathrooms closed. But her litter box is in one of them and we forget about half the time to close the others!
It's a small sacrifice to make for all the (hmmmmm....what DOES she do for us?). At any rate, if you come to my house, please resist the urge to change my TP, we've finally gotten used to it!

aylasmom34 said...

Hee Hee Hee. You definetly keep me smiling!! You silly. I am an "over" girl, too. As you probably already have noticed. I am the same way, though, I have to resist the urge to change other peoples TP when it is "under".

Dez said...

What?! You adjust the toilet paper in others homes??!! Do they know it?? Nah, I'm not surprised. I know you, my sweet! Luckily, I know that you have not changed it in my home, cuz I'm an OVER gal! ;)

Prohomemaker.Com said...

Standing and appluading (and also confessing to changing the roll in businesses -- never have done so in people's homes).

But I do agree with Elisabeth, most cat people are "under".

But count me in as an over-guy.


P.S. And I find it funnt that *this* post is the one most recently generating the most comments. You touched on a very touchey point. :-)

Stuff could always be worse said...

I am definitely an over the roll person, glad to read this

Debbie Yost said...

For the most part I'm with you and will load it over, but when toddlers are about, under can slow them down! I don't however go to the trouble of reloading. If anyone else in my house actually loads the roll, I'll use it as they put it. I'm in too much shock to notice anyway!

Lis Garrett said...

Over, definitely!

This post made me laugh, because my sister and I used to have constant arguments about this growing up. She'd load the TP under, so we were always going behind each other's backs and changing it. LOL!

kcinnova said...

Okay, I totally agree (and I am GUILTY as charged with changing the rolls on occasion). My MIL hangs her rolls the opposite way from me and I finally learned to roll with it (pun intended). Sometimes if the roller is on the WRONG side of the toilet to begin with, it makes sense to hang the durn thing backwards, LOL

And like one of your commenters above, I'm too happy these days if ANYONE bothers to load a fresh roll, so I just leave it. :)