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Monday, September 14, 2009

Weird Dreams AFire...

Weirdest dream last night! We were back in Georgia, and on the lake, though it was more like the Frio with rocks and mini-rapid flows everywhere.
Suddenly, my wedding ring was missing. I'd taken it off with a few other rings to apply lotion/sunscreen/or something.... You know dreams.
Anyhow, the dream proceeded to be weird in all of weirdness and not make any sense at all.
While searching between two cabins (which were somewhat rickity in my dream) for my wedding ring, I looked down to see a close friend of the extended family we were visiting in his boat with his common law wife? Girlfriend? and a small four year old boy. Her son, I believe.
Why some of these details seemed pertinent during the dream, I do not know.
Suddenly there was an explosion right in front of my eyes and three quarters of the boat was on fire!! I was panicked! The lady and the boy jumped into the water and swam free to the pier. The man, flipped a switch -- thus turning off the gasoline flow -- (how I knew this in my dream,'s a dream) and the flames were immediately out.
The lady was carrying the small boy, who was crying. His right arm and shoulder up to the side of his face were blackened and charred like a roasted marsh-mellow.
The man, who was unharmed and didn't seem nearly as upset or concerned as I thought he should be, began following up the pier and steps to their cabin behind them.
I was obviously ready to call 911 and was shouting that they needed to take the boy to the hospital. They seemed not as concerned, the woman was still somewhat distrought but calming, meanwhile, the boy was still crying but rather quietly.... I was appalled but as I looked at the boy approaching closer in his mother's arms, I realized that most of the char had flaked off and his arm and face looked pinkish and inflamed -- as if only a bad sunburn.
Did this child heal quickly? I do not know, but the situation seemed to have de-escalated ever so quickly as the mother took the boy to treat him with some cream or something.
Meanwhile, and throughout the dream, I'm still looking for my wedding ring. I had found the others, right as I had left them -- atop a disheveled bed spread in the man and the lady and boy's cabin.
I kept thinking I'd discovered my wedding ring, only to find out it was another ring here and then another ring there. Some were nice. Some were like fake gold plated plastic you could buy from a gumball machine. Some where a nice ring, but missing the main stone.
In the end, I don't remember where or how, but I did find my wedding ring.
The End.
So, I'm on my way having woken again on the right side of life! Just wondering about the dream a little.... I mean, What Gives? Ho, hum. Maybe it was the raw veggies I ate for my late night snack last night. I guess, cauliflower, broccoli, carrot sticks and red bell peppers make for a 'not-so' fairly tale dream, LOL!
Happy Monday!



Lis Garrett said...

Definitely strange! I had M&M's right before bedtime and anticipated a night of tossing and turning . . . which I did, but the reason for doing so has four legs and meows. Usually I dream about vampires on Sunday nights, since I go to bed directly following True Blood, but I don't remember dreaming last night. Poo.

Debbie Yost said...

The other night I had a dream that this coffee critic was at my house (don't know why) and he refused to test my coffee beans because they were just Foldgers (btw don't buy foldgers) anyway, I convinced him to test the beans which had to be done by basically snorting them up his nose. He proceeded to decide they were indeed good coffee beans and made himself some coffee which he ate with Twinkies. Wny Twinkies? I don't know. I haven't eaten a twinkie in years. I decided to share this crazy dream with hubby. He said in his nearly 40 years of life he's never had a dream about coffee beans and twinkies.

I'm telling you, the things that go on in my brain are just frightening sometimes.

Farmer*swife said...

Thanks y'all, for sharing and knowing that "what dreams may come" are not always...cracked up to be what our dreams are supposed to be? LOL!

Minds filing memories....that's what it all is....

Dez said...

I used to dream evey night and remember them in vivid detail. I don't any more. Hmmm.... wonder why?
Your's was a hummdinger of a dream! Did you look it up?

Prohomemaker.Com said...

"I'm sorry but we are out of time ... we'll talk more about this at next week's session"


kcinnova said...

So did you wake up to find you had been playing with your wedding ring all night long?