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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

The GRIPE list; yes, from me. :-)

The Gripe List:
If you are an idiot? Please stay off the road. This pertains particularly to the person in the black pick-up who was clue-less about the rules of a four way stop. Also, to the guy who crossed over two lanes -- while turning under an overpass, thus cutting me off only to change his mind again.
If you are a chitty-chatty Mom and I am working diligently on my Laptop at my child's extracurricular activity, do NOT sit next to me and strike up a conversation. I'm juggling enough with watching my child/ren so they know I do care and finishing something for a deadline (or, tweeting, or FB or maybe blogging, like now.)
If you are a chitty-chatty Mom and I am either, a) On my LT, or b) helping my child with homework; do not sit next to me to chitty chat with another person next to you or across the observation deck.
If you are not shopping for the item you are standing in front of in the middle of the isle, please move back so the rest of us can access those items. Otherwise, I WILL reach around you. I'm polite but I have things to do too.
If it is raining, and I walk in soak and wet, do not comment, "It's wet out there, huh?" Because my brain will short-circuit and I will not be responsible for my actions. [I know, I've done it before. But, I'm making every effort to think before I speak.]
Well, class is over. I get to load a LT, a back pack, a large purse, extra AR books and two happily, excited children into my still-like, still-smells-like new SUV in the POURING rain.
I'm so happy! It's the first day of FALL!! :-D
Editor's Notes, Post Post:
Obviously, it sounds like I have some issues with Chitty-Chatty Mommies at my children's activities. Well, and idiot drivers, but that one is a given.
It just drives me nuts that these Moms show up and pay nill' attention to their children who are working diligently on the floor and the beam and the bars -- just to learn balance, or to rock into that handstand without sliding back down onto their noggins.
How many times have I heard, "Mommy? Mommy? MOMMY! Mommy??" To have to insert an interruption to a parent to say, so kindly and Mommy-politely and with etiquette, "Um, isn't that your cute little daughter over there? I think she wants to show you something." Insert, Etiquette Smile.
"Oh thank you...Good work sweetie (without pause, back to conversation) So anyway, I SAID....blah, blah, blibbbity blah, blah..."
Now I know that I am the one (well one of a few) there with a LapTop. Not always, but maybe half the time. Though, when I take it I am usually working on something while scanning my daughters turn on the beam, the bar, the back-rollover -- and assisting my son with his homework, and/or listening to him as diligently as possible to be sure I don't miss a word he needs help with -- and, working on an article, a product/book review.
But, I'm there and I'm aware. So many of these Moms just don't pay a yard of attention. Two weeks ago, a mother (who has already gotten on my nerves a time or two; um, she's there, but her kids have little interaction from her -- well, except for the one, on the floor learning a routine).
The son, about 4, was given her cell phone (which I understand, as in pediatrician's offices when kids have gone wild) and then her second cell phone -- a blackberry or something -- to the 6 year-old (daughter? Child she sits for?). The son is pestering and whiny because he is bored, and he wants Mom's attention. Go figure, right? I mean, what is he thinking? (Cynicism -- thanks for the lessons, Jay.)
So, the little 6 year old girl tries to help him with his problem or issue with the game on the cell phone he has been handed and he gets mad because it messes up his game and he PUNCHES HER. IN the head and face, at least four times!!!! Real punches!
I announce (as etiquettely as possible, though in shock) "Um, someone's child is beating someone! I think a parent is needed?" Or something more proper than that, trying to be light on the subject.
The Mother was never phased. GASP!
Another Mom, who had come to sit by -- my table where my son is doing his homework -- is in-between phone calls -- smiles (cuz she knows the other Mom and in some format this makes it okay) Oh, that's so and so's son. She usually lets the cell phones babysit for her. [Sweet Grin]
Did she TELL HER kinda'-so-called Mommy friend that her son was beating her/someone's other child? NO. Explaining the babysitting itinerary seemed to make it all okay. DOUBLE GASP! Someone bring me a noose, or at least a beer....
That little girl was looking at me from the time I said something, hoping something would be done. Nada. Nothing. I was pissed. That little (as handsome as he was, and as cute as he could be) turd needed a walkin' down to the restroom for as serious intervention of discipline.
FLASH FORWARD: to last week.
I walk in after running errands, trying not to upchuck (feeling ill that day) and herding my son to the far side of the observation deck for homework time -- I see, "inattentive Mom" with her little son taking up the whole work table -- so her son will play games and be entertained (on a mini-type laptop) so she can chat, talk on the phone, pay no attention to him.
I was thoroughly peeved. Not because they were sitting there. Had the children had homework? Surely, first come first serve. When Farmer, Jr. has finished his homework I always offer the table back available for anyone else. Heck, we offer to share, though only once has a child had homework.
But, still we gave up the table. But, to hog it because you don't want to entertain or interact with your younger child making my son write his spelling words kneeling at a chair (he doesn't write well in his lap, and I hate the floor) totally p!$$ed me off.
Today, we got there 35 minutes early. Just timed out that way. There weren't any school aged siblings there. Just a few toddlerin' youngins' and one boy Farmer, Jr. played with a few minutes while I took issue with getting my article submitted and watching Lil'Gal on the bars and the beam.
And, even then, I sat at the far head side of the little table and had Farmer, Jr's stuff packed up and had placed three other chairs so that other children or parents (some Mom's study for night class or internet classes while there) could use the space.
Criminy. Am I just gripe-ipidy today or do I have a point?
So, there you have it.
Now, back to FW normally happy and hopeful outlook on life where everyone sings like Sleeping Beauty, cleans like Snow White, and all men are perfect Princes. :-D



Jay said...

Well it's about time you finally did a gripe list. LOL ;-)

Farmer*swife said...

Jay, I hope you caught the additionally edited version; I tried from my cell while feeding kids in between events but the service went out. RAIN and all. ! LOL!

You give good lessons on how to put it out there. :-)

Prohomemaker.Com said...

Geez, I am surprised it took thsi long with that kinda kaka. ... Time to start saying what you are thinking at the gym. ... and being, shall we say, assertive. This is bullshit and these kinda moms expect no one will call 'em on it. I would *so* become the most hated Mom (to at least a few of them)

Lis Garrett said...

Yesterday at swimming lessons, I watched as a little boy, about 3 or 4, got in the pool by himself with NO supervision. I didn't know whether or not he could swim on his own, even though it was the little pool and he could touch the bottom in the part he was at. I looked over at the mom, and she had her head leaned back against the wall with her eyes closed! You can bet when my kids are in the pool, even though they can swim, my full attention is on them! I tapped her shoulder and said, "Your son has gone into the pool over there." She looked at me and said rather snippy-like, "I know. I saw him jump in." Well, EXCUSE ME for looking out for YOUR kid so he won't drown.

Yeah - totally hear you on this post. I'm usually the mom watching everyone else's kids because, you know, I actually give a d*mn about whether or not they are safe.

Gary Rith Pottery Blog said...

you have a point FW and YES, I am a prince....

kcinnova said...

As clueless as I have been known to be, I would have caught your hints. (And woe to my kid if he ever punched anyone in the face!)
Poor parenting drives me crazy, too. I probably would have said something like, "It is NOT okay to hit. YOU need to use WORDS." Because some moms need to learn a few skills, I say it loud enough that the other parents hear it, too. (And yes, I HAVE disciplined other kids with words at the playground when my kids were younger. Maybe the brat's mother didn't care that her kid was biting other kids, but NO ONE is going to bite my kid and get away with it. I told him that if he couldn't play without biting that he would have to leave. His mother glared at me, but she did come and get him... she didn't apologize and I'm pretty sure that she & her chatty friend talked about me behind me back. Too bad, so sad.)

Debbie Yost said...

Does the fact that I go to my car to read while the kids are in dance class make me one of those moms? In my defense, watching is not encouraged. There is a tiny little window some parents crowd around but you can't really see anything and I really don't want to talk to the chatty moms.

Farmer*swife said...

Debbie, they don't let you watch???? I understand if it is a distraction on some level to the children or if the parents speak out during the practice/class.

But, that's when privileges can be revoked. Kids want their parents to see them...

And, no, you are not one of those Moms. You don't let your other children run rampant while you chitty-chat up with everyone else :-)

I guarantee though, if you were reading inside -- someone would STILL strike up a conversation with you -- mid sentence read. LOL!