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Wednesday, September 9, 2009


Yeah, that's what he says. Farmer, Jr., that is.
Seven years old. Second grade. He's been working on five vocabulary words for over an hour. He cooooo-uuuuuld have been done in ten minutes. Oooooh, the worry! Ooooh, the complaining! OMG, are those really TEARS (of anger, they are)? Really? Really-really?
Do I sound like a mean, angry, non-understanding Mother? Cuz' I feel like one. But, judist preist - cheese and rice - the boy has broken me down, Maaan...
Lil'Gal did her homework for today AND tomorrow without an ill word; voluntarily.... Oh, and with a happy-Gal smile.
After she finishes watching the movie (to distract her to leave 'him' alone while he complains and contorts himself) she'll come in and probably ask for her spelling binder.
School personalities. What's the deal with it? I don't get it....
I guess, because I was a schoolie. I'll share more on that. For another post.
I've got to rein in my anger and my frustration. He thinks he's frustrated? The world is coming to an end?
Hmmm. Well at the rate this is going. It. Just. Might. For him.
*sigh* I hate feeling this way..... Is this what the Serenity Prayer was written for?
Oh YAY! Hubby is home! "Your turn babe! I need a drink, I tell ya'! ;-)
[Exiting for a Texas sized glass of vino.....]



WPMomOf2 (jen) said...

My Mimi has been BOSSY the past three weeks since school started, ugh.

Lis Garrett said...

I've got the same situation here with my kids, only it's reversed. Jacob will do his homework with little complaint, and Hannah will . . . just not do it! Oh yes, I learned my lesson last year thinking I could take her word for it that she had completed it AND turned it in. (shaking head) I was a total school nerd, so I have a hard time understanding why she is so apathetic. I craved A's and teacher approval. Jacob definitely shares my neurotic tendencies!

kcinnova said...

With MusicMan, I had it easy. EB *still* makes me want to tear my hair out!! And he'll be 17 on Friday. The thing is, he's smart -- Really Smart -- but he doesn't want to do it so he just doesn't begin.

For a while, when EB was Farmer Jr's age, I belonged to a yahoo group called "Lego Lovers Pencil Haters." It always helps to know you are not alone!
I don't have any great words of advice but to just keep at it and don't kill him, LOL
And take turns doing the hard parenting homework stuff, so that the calmer parent is at the helm.

Debbie Yost said...

Sounds like the issues I used to have with MA. Oh the fights we had. Knock down drag out, feel like the worst mom in the world for losing it fights. They were ugly, I'm telling you. Diva's in 2nd grade now and she's much more open to doing her homework. Don't know if it's because I've matured or if it's because she's easier natured. MA eventually got better and now I don't even know if she has homework half the time because I know she'll get it done.

Hang in there.

Farmer*swife said...

Thank you ALL for the kind supportive "been there" parenting words. It is SO HARD.

I love my children.. They are wonders of the world. So, why, why? Does a few 'structured' activities titled as 'homework' have to wreak havoc...

I feel so understood. Thank you all, ALL... AGAIN.


Y'all warmed my heart and empowered me with more patience...for tomorrow's test reviews....

roy/elisabeth dean said...

I have 3 daughters. The oldest LOVED school, came in every day and did her homework, and repacked her bookbag for the next day.
Middle daughter and baby daughter are just the opposite! It was always a struggle to get them to do ANYTHING related to homework. I wish I had some words of advise for you~

Prohomemaker.Com said...

I am at a loss ... I was an easy homework kinda kid. ... Good luck!

Stuff could always be worse said...

It is hard but I say it all the time, you will not believe how fast they grow up.

Shannon "Coupon Princess" said...

I totally feel your pain. I would like to say it will get better with your boy child... but that may not happen. I have a son that would complain, procrastinate, sit and look at his work with no pencil movement for hours. Hang in there ma' stay strong and tough... He will have to figure it out sooner or later. Hopefully sooner!