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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

HIT ME! HIT ME! PLEEEE-AASE! (And, a little gutter talk?)

Hit me. My blog, I mean. I dunno' WHAT happened (okay, I do.) Georgia, school, IRL-life. No fair!
My stats have taken a big hit. I need my HIT-HITS! I've been earning a little money from my blog in addition to having a wonderful time blogging! It's been leading me to other venues and opportunities. And, I have product to review by people who have made an investment in me -- sharing their product -- to allow me to share what I think about it.
So far, things have been great. But suddenly I'm down. I don't mean summer down -- or, maybe I do. I haven't checked my ranks in awhile. I check my stats weekly and they tell me that readers have been down. But, that's been all across the board, right?
And, I've been reading my peeps but not making the whole list every other day as is my preferred routine. And, I haven't GASP! Been a regular on twitter.... Holy Cow Patties Bat-Man.
Don't get me wrong. Quality is worth more than quantity I'm vain, I need me some quantity; quality is wonderfully double enjoyable, but quantity makes my ranks...
I'm not begging for comments here Okay, since I'm beggin'. Comments would be worthily welcomed too. Just click me. Hit me. Give me a one-two-whammy!
I'll take TKO! Hey, I'll even throw (I could have totally striked through a really dirty inuindo there :-D) the fight -- you just click, and I'll still go down. All.The.Way.
Wait, that didn't come out right. For.The.10.Count.
Hey, maybe that's what I should do. What if I make dirty inuindos? Would that bring some peeps stalkers back? No, No....I can't do that. I'm a Super-Mom and this is an adult friendly - lacking porn and profanity - type blog.
So.....I'll think of something. OH, IIIIII KNOW. More freebies. Alrightee then. Freebies it is. Coming to you manana.... If I give it, they will come.... CR@P! That sounds really bad too and that was a total un-minded thought.
So, will ya'? HIT ME, that is? Peaches, Cream, Febreeze, Cherries and Freebies on top? :-D



Debbie Yost said...

Consider yourself hit.

Stuff could always be worse said...

Yes I have been slow at getting around also. Have not checked my hits but consider yourself Hit.

Prohomemaker.Com said...

Been a busy 10 days here ... my own blog suffering too. ... Am hoping to get back in the groove this week. ... You're always my first stop though :-)

Gary Rith Pottery Blog said...

VLOG FW, this evening, pour yourself a glass of ____ and then spend a few minutes telling us about your day, you're so funny!

Baseball Mom said...

You've been H*I*T :)

aylasmom34 said...

I am always here to give you a HIT. But you don't have to go down. TeeHee. You can be such a mink! I love it!!

Dez said...

I KNOW! What about reviewing a CAR for a give away! I know that will get you PLENTY OF HITS!!
Mine will be FIRST! ;) I'm just saying.....

Lis Garrett said...

We've been deep in "house" projects here. I've got to step it up with the writing because we're getting a new kitchen!!! Well, it's going to be economical all the way, but anything is NEW compared to the 50+-year-old cupboards we have flaking paint into our dishes. And the kids start back to school on Wednesday, so I've been doing on the prep work involved with that. And . . . . keeping up with my book writing!

kcinnova said...

Without Ella here to visit, I'd have practically nothing to say at all. I'm glad you vlogged - it's the you I fell "in love with" back so long ago! :)
Around here, it's the end of summer/beginning of the school year rush. I'm doing my best to keep blogging through September and October, but it won't be easy.