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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Picture Fiction Challenge #2

It's PFC time again. This is a monthly challenge that r.e.h., started. This is the second month and the second PFC (Picture Fiction Challenge).

Last month mine was dark. But, this one is a lot more light hearted. It's not fantastic or anything. But, hey? I'm participating and I tried, right?

I've included the pictures that were to be used for this months challenge. The pictures also explain what their purpose is to be in this particular challenge.

FYI? You can click on the pictures above to open large enough to read the definitions within the frames. So, read on and let me know what you think!!

Bedtime Stories “Tell me a dream…”

“Mama? Can you tell me a dream tonight?”

“Sure Baby, I’ll tell you a dream. Hmmmm, let’s see? What about a dream about fairies? With pixie dust and edible butter cups?”

“No, fairies was last night.”

“Okay, how about a magical unicorn that can carry you into her magical land?”

“No, I watched that movie already….last day.”

“You mean, Yesterday?”

“That’s what I said, Mama, yester-last-day. Mama, tell me a dream about the baby tigers….the one’s on the T.V?”

“The tigers…hmmmm. Oh, those beautiful tigers cubs on the beach? “

“Yes, Mama, those tigers. The pretty one’s all brightly striped. I like how they played together in the sand. Tell me a good tiger dream, Mama.”

[I tuck my daughter in a little tighter with the covers. I hand her a sippie cup of ice cold water.]

“Once upon a time there were two beautiful tigers cubs. They loved to play and romp, like all kittens, cats, and cubs do. One day they had found that they had lost their Mother. Or, their Mother had lost them. They searched for her but she could not be found. They returned to their den, and waited. But, she never returned and they grew hungry.

They decided to look for food on their own. They had watched their mother. Though, not nearly as strong or as quick as she…possibly, they could find something to eat. So, they left their den.”

[I unknowingly begin stroking my daughter’s beautifully, long, blonde, hair softly…gently, along her forehead.]

“They romped as they journeyed. They chased a butterfly. One caught a cricket. One caught a field mouse. One chased after a snake, but it slithered too quickly into its hole.

In their search they came upon a den of a different kind. This was a den of the two legged, furless, kind.”

“That means us? Right, Mama? Two legs and no fur? That’s A people? Like us. Right, Mama.”

“Right Baby…. Now, close your eyes and picture your dream.”

[She snuggles up close to me with her sweet little smile. She closes her eyes, tightly. Happily.]

“So, the tiger cubs came upon a human den. There was an older couple that lived there. The woman, upon seeing the little cubs fell instantly in love with their sweet, playful nature. The cubs were quite shy and some what fearful of people. Their Mother had taught them that the ‘two legged, furless’ creatures were often dangerous.

The woman retrieved some milk and poured it in two small bowls. She also brought out some dried meat. The cubs watched the woman, in her den. She didn’t look dangerous.

They watched her place the milk and meat just outside the door to her den. The cubs could smell it and they were quite tempted and quite hungry.”


“Yes, Angel?”

“Do tigers eat M&Ms?”

“Hmmm, I don’t know. I think chocolate might not be good for them.”

“Ooooh, but these are special tigers Mama. These are dream tigers. I think they can eat M&Ms. I bet they like the green ones, like me. Green M&Ms are my favorite.”

“Yes, Baby. Now close your eyes again and try to fall into your dream. So, where was I? Oh, yes. The tiger cubs were quite hungry. Tiger cubs are born with a very large appetite and are hungry all the time. And, searching for their Mother was hard work. They were very tempted to taste the milk and the meat.

The first cub, the oldest, approached slowly. Timidly and quietly….he found the bowls of milk. He took a lap. He took another lap. At seeing this, his brother approached too. Now they were both lapping up the milk. Then they both jumped after the dried meat – catching a piece at the same time and they wrestled with each other over who would get the biggest part. They wrestled right into the two legged, furless’s den tumbling and knocking things about.

‘Now, now,’ said the native lady, ‘I have plenty to share with you both. If you can not get along and behave I will leave you out on the sandy beach. The man of this house wants no animals wrestling around in our den.’

The woman returned to get some more dried meat. So, there would be enough for these two hungry tiger cubs. The cubs were coming to trust the native ‘two legged, furless’ one. They decided it might be okay to stay here awhile. They could drink more milk and eat more meat.”

“And, green M&Ms Mama….”

“Yes, and green M&Ms, Baby.”

“Mama? Tomorrow can we go to the zoo and take pictures of the tigers there?”

“We might can do that angel. But, first you need to get some sleep.”

“Can we get some green M&Ms?”

“Yes, Baby.”

“Okay……Night, Mama…..Mama?”


“You’re the bestest Mama ever. “

“And, you’re my favorite little girl. Night, my sweet Angel.”



R.E.H. said...

Oh! Fairy tale tigers! I love it! Would never have thought of it myself!

And I really love how you got the M&M's into the story. That was really clever having the daughter bring them up - made perfect sense to me.

I struggled something bad making use of my M&M's...

Very well played!

Newt said...

That was wonderful and nicely out of the box! Very cute, creative, and quite the fairy tale. And like REH said, I loved how you worked the M&M's in. Ingenious.

Jay said...

That was soooo sweet! Great story mommy! ;-)

Dianne said...

As newt said - "nicely out of the box!"

I love the term "two legged furless" - I might need to steal that.

I really enjoyed this, your children must love bedtime!

Farmer*swife said...

Feedback is so fantastic! It really inspires and encourages a person.

Thanks so much for reading me and commenting y'all.

I have really enjoyed this little project r.e.h. created!

Tink said...

Well done!! I need someone to tell me dreams at night so I stop having scary ones about the wedding.

Jill said...

Now, I want to sit down with my nieces and read a story to them!
Greatly done and I couldn't have guess what you've done with the pictures!

Knight said...

Your kids are lucky. A mom with an active imagination. Fairy tales didn't ever occur to me. Very cute with the daughter involved in helping it along.

Jo said...

That was clever and so very sweet! Great read, I really enjoyed it...especially the M&M's...and the darling snippets from the kidlet. Your kids are lucky :)

Raven said...

What a wonderful story. You really evoked the scene of the mother and child for me and the tender lovingness of it. Cool way to bring in the M&Ms and I love two-legged furless. So clever all the way through. I LOVE the idea of "telling a dream." Your kids are lucky.

Dana said...

What an amazing way to use those photos - through the mind of a child. Really great job Farmer's Wife ... really!

Anonymous said...


you have a wonderful imagination

jezdez said...

Fabulous Dahling... Just Fabulous!

Anonymous said...

Great job, so fanciful and lighthearted. I love the "new" words you made up! Excellent contribution!