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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Dear Emmeline... ;-)

Dear Emmeline.  A tribute to a young blogger whom I've grown to know, love stalk often and visit, even when she hasn't updated her blog (and, I can't find the link to future comments widgit, Gidget!)


Dear Emmeline....

I love to read you when you ramble,
and the way you analyze your life.

I know when I read you I always hear wedding bells,
though, I know you aren't yet in that place in your life. <3 :-D

[But when they ring, I'm totally invited... RIGHT?]

I love to read about your life, and loves and losses...
And, the way you have with words leaves me
looking forward to your thought process/es.

I've finished all the 'before I followed alongs';
but like a good book, I can read them still.
As I love the way you phrase your life in your blog.

I'd read about the color of your socks.
I'd read you if you were shopping for Poppy-c0cks 

[Wait, is that an illicit spelling for that term?]

You know that I'm devoted,
to reading everything you write.

But, sometimes I do find...
something to my dislike.

I've only known you a few years in cyber world....
So I have no right to ask.

But, could you?  Would you? Post for ME us weekly?
[Asking out load, in print, doesn't make me too freaky?]

If you ever really wrote a post that I found Hard to Swallow?
I promise I would suck it up, read along, and follow.

Thank you for your time,
MY Our Dear Sweet Emmeline... 

Thank you!  Thank you everyone!  I'm hoping my stalker-like flattery will inspire her to post more.  She's like my weekly soap that somehow always has a happy, silver lining! Or maybe it leaves me feeling happy and shiny?  Um... Kay.  Weird?  I'm out'a here....



Anonymous said...

Aw, Farmer*sWife!! You're so sweet. :) I love this. I'm sorry I don't post more often than I do. I've been needing more time for myself lately than usual. But I've got a couple of good ones coming up, and I'll be sure to let you know when they're up. This poem is great. I love the rhyming, and maybe I should be creeped out, but I'm totally not! Just completely flattered. :) You're the best!


Anonymous said...

new post up :)