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Friday, February 19, 2010

It's none of my business, but....

It's really none of my business.  I mean, it doesn't affect me or my life in any way either negatively or positively. (Did I use those terms right?  It's neither/nor; either/or, right?  English...)

What one does within the walls of one's own home (or hotel room) and to one's own relationships is that person's business.  I know, I know.  If you are a public figure (ie: politician, actor, media representation, professional sportsman, or professional golfer) then you owe the rest of the world an explanation for every miss-step and bad stupidly detrimental to your life and future decision.

I really don't have any business keeping up with what Mr. Woods is doing.  Or, what he has to say.  Or, what his apology, explanation, conversation, speech will entail.  It's between he and his wife; not he, his wife, and all of America.

We all have our opinions though, right?  We all have our own little 'why he did it' [so many times, with soooo many women] thoughts swooshing around in the back of our minds somewhere.  Not that we spend all day subconsciously thinking about Tiger Woods.  But, when we hear his name, I think most of us have a 'blip' in our thought pattern.  That blip is our mind passing a judgement based on those unknown thoughts.

Myself, at one, I said to myself, "Well, we never know what is really going on in a relationship.  It was wrong but he had his reasons...."  Then at 15, I said to myself, "What the H-E double L was he thinking?  America's golf sweetheart, lovely wife, two adorable children and the career people would deal with the devil for....and he threw it all away for...a piece(es) of @$$?!?"

Shame on me.  Not my place.  Not my business.  But, human nature has the best of me and I WILL be watching at 11:am when he makes his statement today.  Why?  Because.  I'm an inquiring mind and inquiring minds want to know.  Even, if it really isn't any of our gosh-darned business.



Kristi Faith said...

LOL Such a true post. :0)

Kelly Dawn said...

some of us just cannot help but look - "its like a train wreck" - I am one of those - however - Tiger Woods? one of my sons heros - he loves golf - he loves Tiger Woods - once in elementary school a pro golfer told my father in law that he had amazing potential - like Tiger Woods potential - I am hoping not if this is all that it brings to the table - the money and fame are not worth it....never will be worth it - I dont really want to watch but i probably will - if there is no Paula or Rachel or Roseanne or Hope and Faith on at that time :)

Debbie Yost said...

I for one, will not be watching. Even if I wasn't at work. But really, do we need to? It's gonna be shoved down our throats for the next few days/weeks/months regardless if we want to hear it. I agree, it's none of my business, but when you can't get away from it, it's hard not to form an opinion. I just don't want to hear it anymore. I've got my own life to deal with.

Baseball Mom said...

Boy did you hit the ball right on the head. I have been saying this exact thing from the beginning. It is not any of our business. Period.

I do not believe just because you have choosen a life in the public means your LIFE should be public and you should have to explain yourself as such.

Oh you are so correct FW .. it is not any of our business. :)

This topic gets under my skin and me up on my soap box everytime. As it hits a little personal for me.

Great Post as usual.

(just to add my word verification is nosey .. LOL)

Farmer*swife a/k/a Glass_Half_Full said...

BBM - Nosey, LOL!

I just hope he says the right things and his life can get back going. We are all just people and everyone can lose their way from time to time.

It is so easy to judge from the outside looking in.

Jay said...

I'm watching right now. I don't like him.

But, I will give him credit for defending Elin. It's late, but at least he finally has.

Gary's third pottery blog said...

I absolutely HATE this and you were correct to express these exact opinons. I heard him on the radio and you could hear that his lawyer wrote something for him so he can get his advertising deals back, but ppphhpppt. Who cares. He's just another D!CK

Dez said...

Yup. Saw it too. At least he did defend Elin.... better late than never, I suppose.
Was a well written speech. But it was just that, a speech. Time will tell.

kcinnova said...

Yes and yes to just about everything written before me.
The only time it looked/sounded like he wasn't reading straight from the speech (which in itself sounded like something he wrote during therapy as part of his treatment) was when he told the media to leave Elin & the kids alone. That was the only time he sounded human. The rest was robotic.

PS: my wv is "grated" -- as in, it grated on my ears!