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Saturday, February 27, 2010

Big dog, Little dog

While waiting for Diva and her Mom to come over, we decided to get the dogs out because it is finally dry enough and the day is fab-tastic!  Hubby has been hard at work welding the set up for our new electric gate we plan to get.  (I guess I should have gotten pictures of that, huh.)

Anyhow, Farmer, Jr. took Dulce on a walk (more like she kind of drags him along; that girl has so much energy!)

Excuse the weeds.  Like I said, it's been a wet year.  All those weeds are driving the Hubster crazy but it has been too wet to get out in the field to spray them.  I did find some wild, purple lantana and I was sure to mention where it was so he won't spray that.  Come spring, I'll transplant them into big tubs.  I love lantana.

A Gal and her dog. :-)  To my dear friends who are snowed feet under, please don't despise me because our weather is so beautifully wonder-iffic and our grass is all pretty and green.  I keep sending the sun up there but Canada keeps sending it back. :-(

Here's a close-up. Brandi has become a well rounded Gal since we adopted her this past September.  She's always been a large dog, being a Mastiff and all.  But, she was large and lean.  She is, as our old vet used to say about my Bassett, a full-figured Gal now. ;-)  I'm thinking a good ten to fifteen pounds?  Can't wait to take them in to the vet for a weigh-in.  I cut back her left-overs and had Lil'Gal take her for a couple laps around the house and yard.  We all need to keep our hearts healthy, ya' know.

Farmer, Jr. and the dogs lounging around.  Notice how Brandi is all laid back and relaxed.  Dulce is typically standing or moving around.  Like I said, she's got a lot of energy. 
Both dogs are about 4 1/2 now.

Dulce's close up, all tongue. LOL!  Too bad she put her ears back.  I'm pretty sure she has some pit in her.  Everyone always fears a pit.  But, if you look them up they are hyper, social dogs.  It's the ill intentioned people that breed them and torture them into being mean, fighting, unpredictable dogs.

Dulce might chase a fly.  And, she might grab up a rabbit.  But, she is the most submissive dog.  Even to Brandi, who is the new female.  As most of y'all know, Dulce actually adopted 'US' and she has been the sweetest God loving dog since she joined our family. ;-)  Not a cruel bone in her.

Farmer, Jr. and our gentle giant.  Look at those toothed smiles.  LOL! Our gentle giant is the sweetest Gal in the world.  But, don't be fooled for a second.  If she felt her family was threatened, she'd be on you like flies on rice.  Only, with teeth and her size. ;-)

God love us all.  Can life be anymore grand?  Happy Saturday!  FW 2nd FD of the WEEEEEEEEK!



Prohomemaker.Com said...

OMG, that's not a dog -- she's a horse!

Farmer*swife a/k/a Glass_Half_Full said...

A short horse, but yes. She has the 'horse power' for sure! LOL!

Krishna said...

I love the pics. The grass is looking NICE!

Anonymous said...

What beautiful dogs! And your yard is lookin' good! :)

Anonymous said...

Aww!! I didn't know you had beautiful giant dogs!! They are so sweet looking! I wish I could lounge out there with them and the kids! What great memories your kids will have with dogs like that to grow up with. Precious. Thanks for the pics!