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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Howdy-Wave (Road Rules) :-)

Things I ponder about while driving (stay with me)....

I'm not sure it is true everywhere in Texas, but typically, Texans are thought to be friendly drivers.  Well, not so much in the big cities like Houston and Dallas.  There it is more push and shove and you have to be more of an offensive driver if you intend to make it across five lanes to your exit (even though it might not be coming up for the next two to five miles).  This is based on my own personal experience having driven in Houston multiple times.

But, in the smaller towns people seem to be nice drivers.  Where I live we spend just as much time driving 'in town' as we do on back county roads.

There are some rules of etiquette I find valuable and try to follow myself, though I do tend to get frustrated with people who either have no clue, have no where to be, or are just plain rude.  For example:

If I'm heading somewhere (following the speed limit or maybe even going a mile or two over) and I see you coming up behind me in a haul @$$ hurry, I'll do my best to move to the shoulder to let you by.  However.

If I do this kind deed for you, I think that in fair turn you owe me a howdy/thank you wave.  I find it so rude when someone doesn't wave to their rear window in thanks.  It really irps me.

I always do my best to send a thank you wave (or a couple blinks of the hazzards in event the driver might not notice my howdy/thank you wave) having passed someone.  Especially, when they were kind enough to move to the shoulder to make room.

If someone gives me a howdy/thank you wave I in turn give them a your welcome-wave acknowledging their thank you.  It's just proper manners after all.  It's like a silent conversation.  "May I pass, I'm in a hurry?"  "Sure, let me move over."  [WAVE] "Thank you!" [Counter WAVE] "Your mighty welcome."

At least, that is how I hear it my head.

Sometimes we even do the half wave; hand waving while still holding the steering wheel, as if to say, "Have a nice day!' [Counter WAVE] "You too!"

I've also noticed that people in cars don't seem to give a howdy wave nearly as often as people in larger vehicles such as trucks, SUVs and tractors.  I haven't taken a census on this, my opinion is based on my own personal experience having been a small car driver, a pick-up truck driver, and now the of my Mommy-SUV mobile.  I wonder, is it a prejudice?

Let's talk Freeway.

I am always saying to myself, "Can't we all just get along?" when entering the city limit on the freeway.  I mean, we should all be working together out there.  Instead it often feels like every driver is for him/herself.  If you are entering the ramp to the freeway I know I have the right-of-way.  But, being the kind driver I am,  I will try to either speed up or slow up a little to provided you with a safe space cushion in which to enter the freeway.

Don't you hate it when you are on the entrance ramp and trying to feed into the stream of traffic on the freeway, only to be met by a bunch of jerks who won't make room to allow you in?  You have to pucker-up your butt and jump head-in in order to make a place.  I know I can't be the only one.

What about the driver on a two lane highway that goes under the speed limit, with oncoming traffic and won't move over an inch to let you pass?  Ugh!  Drives me insane!  If it is a 70 mph road way and someone is going 60 mph as if they have noooooo place to be, I get really. Really. Steamed.

There are so many more incidences in driving that could be discussed.  But, these are the few that have been on my mind lately.  So, think about everyone else next time you get out on the road.  Maybe if we all work together and 'just try to get along' driving could be a safer and more enjoyable experience.

I'm just sayin'. :-)  Happy Wednesday!



Dez said...

Yes, I'm sorry to say, it is a prejudice.... trucks, I mean, when I drive my car, I give the same sweet courtesy waves that you do. :) It's THE PEEPS!

Farmer*swife a/k/a Glass_Half_Full said...

Dez, I find it both ways. When I was in a car [years and years ago] I'd wave but typically no one would wave back. Maybe I was so low they couldn't see me? Just J/k! ;-)

But, if I wave at someone in a car they ignore me with a vigilence.... *rude* *sigh* LOL!

Prohomemaker.Com said...

My peeve is when trying to get on the freeway, and someone won't either speed up or slow down to let you in. I say out loud, "One way or another, I need to get in" and then move on over.

kcinnova said...

We live in a semi-rural area and we do the howdy wave all the time. Yes, even me in my minivan with out-of-state license plates! ;)
There's the kind where you just wave driving down the road at another driver and then there's the kind you talk about, where you let someone pass. I have the same conversations in my head, too! :)

The lack of merging abilities on the highways drives. me. NUTS!!!! And because no one bothers to merge properly, we all have to come to a stand-still.