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Friday, February 26, 2010

Old Photos; History of Me....

A year ago this past December, I borrowed some pictures from my Uncle of my Gramm and Papa, my aunt (she died in a car accident at 16), my mom and the boys when they were kids. I don't really have any of these -- originals.

That's the wonderful thing about technology. Now, I have them scanned to Macxine and also burned to a CD. So, it's like having my own original. Of course, being so old they tend to lose some quality... but, still. They are mine for the keeping.

Memory Lane (pre-FW):

My Mom....

My Mom again! LOL!

My mom and my Aunt Charmaine.  Yes, there was a little time gap in between the deacon babies (the boys), my Mom and then Lisa Charmaine.

Papa and my Aunt; this was shortly before she was killed in an auto accident.  That is a whole post to itself.  It was in the early 80s if I remember correctly.  Because I was about 8 myself....

"The boys" (my uncles but we always refer to them as the boys.  The family always kind of treated me like I was one of the siblings rather than the daughter, niece, grand-daughter.  I was the 'fix it' in the family).  Oh, and there is Mom again!  Easter dress and all.  Toooo cute!

My Papa....  He passed away in his 50s.  He had a very rare blood disease.  It skips generations and I think we have skipped it out of the lineage, TTL.  He had war wounds and shrapnel imbedded next to his heart that they could never remove.  He fought at Iwo Jima and Volcano Island in the U.S. marines.

Born during the depression, his mom died when he was 4 years old and he was earning his own living by age 12.  Those were sure different times back then....

He was a true Man.  A hard worker who started with nothing and built his way up.  He never took a handout, he refused retirement, and worked hard till the day he passed.  I was still very young but I do have a few wonderful memories of him.

Here is my Mom as a teenie bopper.  She always looked way older and more mature for her age than she was.  She used that to her advantage (and sometimes disadvantage) too. ;-)

That's my Daddy with a high-school friend (you can tell she had eyes for him but he didn't have eyes for her back).  This was right before graduation and before he hit the hippy era with beard and long hippie hair. LOL!

So, that's what I got for now....  Happy Friday!  I'm going looking for something 'FUN' to imbibe! he he!



Sonya said...

I have enjoyed your pictures! I was saddened by girl that was killed in the car wreck. So sad.

Gary's third pottery blog said...

FW, wow!

Jay said...

Very cool! I love old family photos!

kcinnova said...

Thanks for sharing these pictures along with the stories. I loved the chance to look through your "photo album" with you! :)

Emmeline said...

fun post!! these pictures hold such stories and memories, even for people who aren't family! thanks for sharing!!