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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

The DISLIKES list....

It took negativity to capture your attention?  LOL!  Sometimes I cheat.  No really.  We all know I'm an optimist but I do have some negativity in me.

On this note, I will share with you some of what has become the DISLIKE list; though, in IRL you can't click dislike to make your opinion known and make it all go away.  If I could, my children would be perfect, impeccably dressed and [extremely] well behaved at all times, my husband would be my subservient and the world would bask in my happiness.

So, My DISLIKE list:

  1. I dislike dust bunnies (they are made up of hair, skin cells and other 'funk' [gag] that our bodies and home matter release into the air.)  Nasty
  2. I dislike, Nasty
  3. I dislike, WHINING
  4. I dislike, loud noises
  5. I dislike, 'anything cold or any wet thing' [with exception to Edward Cullen; me totally likes him]
  6. I dislike a clean house being overtaken by GREMLINS while I'm sleeping (I know, I could clean when the insomnia wakes me, but it's too quiet in the house and I'm a loud cleaner)
  7. I dislike, INSOMNIA
  8. I dislike it when BLOGGER won't let me use an unlimited amount of LABELS for my posts (apparently, there is a 200 character limit.  Hey?  I like labels.)
  9. I dislike, the vacuum.  Oh yes.  I use a bissell flip-it (it ROCKS), a dust-buster (also ROCKS), a steam-mop (again, with the Rocks, thing), a swiffer vac (cool, but needs more suction), but the vacuum is extremly high pitched and loud and I refuse to use one
  10. I dislike the smell of burnt toast
  11. I dislike farts in the vehicle that are expelled by others, not polite enough to hold it in
  12. I dislike it when Tweet Deck locks up on me, or FB won't load my stinking comment
  13. I dislike an EMPTY bottle of wine; not to be confused with any other form of wine which I totally like.  So long as there is no "H" [as in WHINE] in it, I like fact I find it....ahem, intoxicating >;~D
  14. I dislike it when I don't get no freakin' comments on my posts. [Yeah, this mean's y'all] :-D
*<3* No, I'm not begging for attention I Totally Heart Y'all!!!!  

Hey, BTW, when you are making a list do you have to end each item with a form of punctuation?  If so, then I dislike that
Oh,  I have WAAAAAY better ones.  But, let's see what y'all got!  Share with me my Oh So Wise ones.  Maybe I'll compile and post a list of the bestestes of the "Dislikes".



Melissa said...

LOL! This post totally made me laugh, especially the "anything cold or any wet thing." Hmmmm . . . wonder where you got that from?

Our lists are pretty similar, although I have a feeling you do a MUCH better job at taking care of the dust bunnies than I do.

Dez said...

Well, the only things on your list that I really dislike are: the empty wine bottle, the vaccumm (that's why I don't use it - lol), And, especially PIPER'S STINKY FARTS!!

Jay said...

Facebook is wayyyyy up on my dislike list right now. It's just messing with me. I'm pretty sure it's personal too. ;-)