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Saturday, February 27, 2010

Saturday with a six year old...

"Morning Mama, what's for breakfast?  Can I have a taco?  With bacon on the side?"

"I've finished my taco, now what?  Can so-and-so come over?  Oh.  Then so-and-so?  How about so-and-so?"  [ME: No.]

"AWWWWW, no one eeeeeever gets to come over..." [Every weekend almost.]

[ME: You need to learn to entertain yourself sometimes.]

"Entertain myseeeee-EEEEEELF!?  But, that's no fun!  Who can I play with if I have to entertain myseeeee-EEEEELF?  Hey, can I paint your nails?"  [Not right now.]

"Can I?  Please?  Can I paint your nails?  Pleeeeeee-aaase?  Please?  I'll do a good job?  I'm good at it!  Really, I'm a good fingernail polisher."  [I cave]

"Oh, first I need to take off your old polish. Hey, can I do your hair?  Please?  Pretty please?  You never let me do AAAAAANYthiiiiiiing."

Can so-and-so come over?  [my phone beeps, text message from Miss Les.  Diva wants to play.]

[Maybe, lemme see what their schedule is....  (beep, text msg, beep) She'll come over sometime after 3:00.]

"After Threeeeeeeeeeee-EEEEEEE?!  That's a long time.  Gasp!  She'll miss snack time?  Can I paint your toenails now?  I can give you a pedicure.  Can I put spray in your hair? Hey, look at me!  I'm wearing a blanket!  I look like a mermaid.  How long until Diva comes over?"  [Sometime after 3:00.]

"Sometime after THREEEE-EEEEEEeeeee?  That's a long time from now.  What time is it?  ONLY?  She'll miss snack time.  Hey, can I play outside? [YES]  Can I play in my flip-flops? [It's sunny and beautiful but it is 59 degrees out.]  Okay!  I'll wear the pink ones! [ >;-(  ]

(entering from backyard) "Can I get the guinea pig out?  Can you get him out for me?  Bring him back here to me [You can get him] But, I'm already outsiiiiiiiii-IIIIIIIIDE?" [I get the D@MN guinea pig.]

"Never mind.  I'm going to go play with the dogs!" (exits) (returns)

"Hey? It's dry enough.  Can I get the dogs out?  WE CAN GET THE DOGS OUT!  I need help.  [Go get your brother]  OOOOHhhh, I don't want to go get my brother.  I want to get the doooogs out."

(exits to get her brother)  [ME:  >:~E  How long till Lil'Diva gets here?  Threeeee more hooooouuuuurs!  But, that's a long tiiiiii-IIIIIME!]


Happy Saturday!



Sonya said...

Oh I remember those days! I also remember giving in and setting up camp with the barbies. We rolled that Barbie camper around everywhere. Each room was a new city. lol Some days it is hard to get anything done. Good luck!

Prohomemaker.Com said...


*So* happily barren


Farmer*swife a/k/a Glass_Half_Full said...

Sonya, It comes with the territory and it is worth it; kids are worth it.

Harry -- Hey, there are pros with the cons, LOL! And, BTW, Andy counts as a child...all spoiled and carrot eating, LOL!

It's the count down till our friends show and both kids are nagging, "When will the be here? When will they be here?"

I'm like, "When the GET HERE! Now pet your dogs!" LOL!

kcinnova said...

Okay, part-way through I was totally envious about you having a girl. I'd LOVE to have a little girl who wanted to paint my nails and do my hair. :)

But the need to be entertained and social and all? Totally foreign to me AND to this mama of all boys. I was no longer envious by 11am your time.

Anonymous said...

hahahaha. I love this. except that it makes me not want kids. which isn't that big of a deal. I already didn't want them. :)