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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Pick ME! Pick ME!

This might be in a little tad of poor taste but then, isn't that what makes stand-up funny? This guy never fails to leave me without a good laugh. And, he happens to be a big'ol Texas boy. Not that that matters. Just sayin'. ;-)

I tried to find a live version of his "Drunk in Public" story which is hil-flippin-larious! But, the only way I could find it was with one of those still pictures. [I h@te those].

So, anyhow, get a little giggle. He's told this joke in a few shows but I could only find him on late night television....

Comment if it left you laughing or smiling a little! :-D

Just wanted to put a little happy in your Hump-Day!



Jay said...

Ron White is my favorite of the Blue Collar guys. By far. He's hilarious.

kcinnova said...

They call me "Tater Salad"!!!
His timing is genius.