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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Readin' it alllll!

Making carne guisada and pintos tonight for din-din.  Tomorrow night Hubby will probably pick something up (Ooooh, hole in the wall fried chicken. It's the best and the cheapiest too!)  YUM!

This is it.  The final countdown.  Tomorrow at this time I will already be able to see waaaaay more clearly than I can now (and probably, better than I currently see now with my glasses ON).

My appointment is at 9:15.  Barring no issues or complications I'll be home around lunch time. :-) YAY!

But, I won't be able to pop in and blog. :-( Boo.

But, I HAVE to take a long nap!  YAY!  So, I'm thinking I might stay up late tonight, finish the book I'm reading, download the e-book Chatty's Hubby wrote entitled ROADKILL and read it too!  Seein' as I'm not supposed to be doin' alotta' readin' for about a week.  [My eye doc said as long as it is in short intervals, I can check emails and FB and stuff -- sweeeeeeeeeet!]  Just no "heavy" focusing and reading.

Did you know that as part of recovery for Lasix you are pretty much instructed to watch TV and movies?  Yeah, because a person tends not to focus so hard as with the computer and reading.  They need your eyes to blink to keep them really lubricated during healing.  And, when on the computer or reading a book one tends not to blink as often.

So, yeah.  Movies over the weekend!  Sweeeeet!  Edward and Bella, I'll be visiting with y'all for a seventh or eighth viewing of "Twilight"!  [swoooon, again....]  :-D

So, all that said (boring to you but YIPPEEEE to me) I'm going to start the carne guisada and then blog-hop awhile! [Oh, I did chores this morning before I left for cookin' at school.]

I've been in glasses since I was about eight.  I needed them before, I just didn't realize I was the only one who couldn't see that trees had leaves and that grass wasn't a green rug but made up of individual blades of grass.  I couldn't see clouds in the sky.

I started wearing contacts at about 12, because it was murder wearing coke bottle bottoms.  Swimming, sports, and just, in general.  As those of you know, I'm a -7 in my right eye and a -8 to -8.5 in my left.  I remember what it was like to be a -3 (and I thought I couldn't see then, HA).

So, my life will be changed in 24 hours.  For the better...  I'm a teeny-bit nervous, but only over the fact that the surgeon mentioned he might have to do a lense implant (GASP) but, after additional measurements and an ultrasound he feels I can be corrected without it.  Though, I might end up needed reading glasses...  Um, WHO CARES!!!

Sweeeeeeeeet!  Happy Thursday, almost FWFD of the weeeeeeeek!  Come visit me!



Melissa said...

Good luck!! I can't wait to hear how it goes. :-)

Anonymous said...

Best of luck to you & your surgeon!!

Enjoy the movies :)