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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Great Ideas; Lazy in action? My Eyes...

I've had some really great (okay, interesting change of pace) blog ideas lately.  But, then I fall lazy to do all the extra thinking to get it in.  Well, no.  The thinking is done because this stuff just pops into my head and bings around all day in the background (along with that beautiful tune from the Twilight Soundtrack where Edward plays the piano for Bella and the song continues off and on through-out the movie - SO need to get that soundtrack on CD).

Oh, wait, where was I....  Oh yeah (see? that keeps happening lately).  *under breath, to myself, sigh*

Oh yeah.  Well, great ideas are on hold.  See, tomorrow is my lastest day where I can be consumed off and on by the computer.  Don't get me wrong.  I don't just sit in front of it all day long -- I stand in multi-second intervals.  I wander around the house pursuing my chores, duties, laudry spider killing, guinea pig spoiling (he hollers for me a lot), paperwork, schedules, lists, and yadas.

But, come Friday I'll be having Lasix.

Why did I, of all people, and the dimmest and blindest of vision wait so long?  FEAR.

My eye doctor rocks though - and though, yeeeeeaaaars ago he discussed with me the benefits if I had it done he totally respected [and agreed with] my hesitancy as it hadn't been around that long at the time that he first brought it to my attention.  He too agreed that it wasn't around long enough for research on the after affects 10-20 years later.

Both of us knowing it has all come a long way and they have perfected their studies, the science, the measurements of the eye tissue and a whole lot of stuff you may not care to read....we are both thrilled that I made the decision to have it done.

So, tomorrow I'll be tied up half the day at the school but I might just take the LT along and spend the rest of the day there squandering away time reading blogs and maybe even schedule some posts of my own.

How will I go days?  Without, my faithful (okay, I've been sporadic) blog reads?  I cannot close Macxine and leave her without attention for 3-5 days.  I cannot leave my sweet Kindle with all its downloads unread.  Though, I will have to make rounds in intervals because my eyes do need their downtime to heal.

Friday, after the procedure there is a MANDATORY 4-6 hour nap.  Right after the surgery the instructions are to go home, sleep and let the eyes begin a big time healing.  >:-D  Mandatory?!?  Nap?  For an insomniac?  Can you say AWESOME???  [Note, those who need a mandatory nap?  Talk to your doctor; you might not have to have actual eye surgery -- I had a doctor offer to write a prescription a few years back so my husband would realize that I really, REALLY wasn't sleeping...  A month of Ambien CR reset my clock and fixed that for a couple of years.]  Mamas never get to nap....

So, great post/s might come -- if I find time to schedule them...and, if I'm not greedy about reading everyone else.  (I comment mostly but not always lately, though I do pop in and read y'all; check your stat counter thingie via map and you'll see me from somewhere in some place in South Texas.)

If I'm out-of-pocket and incognito  :-(  please don't leave me...I'll cheat and type a few sentences just for your FW addiction pleasure Know that I am under specific instructions.... In a few weeks I will view the world like a Super-Hero the rest of the world with regular eyes (but mine will be Super-Mom eyes -- hey, wonder if they can tweak those eyes in the back of my head while they're at it? LOL!)

Oh, and on the Lazy.  I didn't go back and edit this post.   Kindle needs her attention as well and there is a whole lot going on over in Chelsie's life!



Jay said...

Hope the Lasix goes great! I didn't know about the big nap afterwords. Sounds like a great idea. I think I should be told to take a nap everyday. LOL ;-)

Anonymous said...

Don't cheat!! Obey the doctor's orders! We want you to heal in a spectacular fashion. :)

And if you really, really need a book, try audio books. There are some great ones! (Harry Potter is awesome in audio)