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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Cute shoes! ;-)

Yesterday, I looked down at my son's shoes and realized they were in pretty bad holes and falling apart shape.  So, today's agenda included a trip to Payless after church and CCD.  We got there about 11:20 and realized that they don't open till Noon on Sundays.  CR@P! What to do?

Luckily, the kids had brought a DVD (unluckily, I'd left the Kindle at home thinking I wouldn't need it) so we all sat and watched AirBud (baseball) until the store opened.  I didn't want to waste the fuel going back and forth and Farmer, Jr. NEEDED NEW SHOES.

Of course, if you visit a shoe store with a female child in tow you know you will have to purchase more than just one pair of shoes.  And, if said brother is getting shoes (even though said sister doesn't need a pair) sister will get a pair too.  [Actually, she got two.  One for Easter and spring and an extra play pair to wear to school and such.]  A Gal can never have to many pairs of shoes. ;-)

So, since we were on the splurge, FW decided to look around too!  I'd seen an adorable shoe on display and wondered if it was affordable.  I'm not crazy about 'flip-flops' but a canvas type shoe with a nice wedgey heal made this pair perfect for me!

Does that not say FW all over it?  They weren't exactly a steal like I usually bargain for at Payless (I love the $3.00 and $5.00 markdowns!)  But, since I allow myself a new pair of shoes for Spring and Summer (all nine months) I couldn't turn them down.

I don't want to brag or rub it in, but we should have fab temps in another four weeks or so.  It'll be time for shorts again, not every day.  But often.  And, I'm a shorts Gal.  All this bundling and jeans and overcoats is not for me.

So, come Spring break I'll probably take Lil'Gal along with me and Sweet D and treat ourselves to a pedicure.  The place we go (thanks for finding it Sweet D) is extremely reasonable -- none of this $30-$40 pedicure cr@p -- and they do a fantastic job, calf massage and all!

And, then I'll post some pics of my 'new toenie nails' in my 'cute new shoes'.

In all due respect, I must say, I don't know how my friends up North can handle all the snow and ice and brrrrr-freezing temps.  I guess y'all are accustom to it.  Not me.

And, what is with shoveling snow every day, sometimes twice a day!  Gosh, I sure do feel for y'all.

Myself?  I do mighty fine in 105 summer temps with triple digit heat indices and I wouldn't trade them for months of icy cold, below freezing temps.  I like Hot Temps, Hot Sauce, and don't you know I won't waste a Hot Beer.  :-)

Anyhow, Happy Sunday!  Cute shoes, ramblings and all!



Baseball Mom said...

I love those shoes. I am ready for spring. I am ready to get rid of all theses layers. I did the same thing with teen y/day. Looked down & saw these massive holes. But w/ the cost his runners cost, his will have to wait. :-)

Farmer*swife a/k/a Glass_Half_Full said...

BBMOM, with the cost of his REAL SHOES, I can only imagine. One day my kids will be there.

Though, boots aren't cheap either and Farmer, Jr. wears boots a lot around here.....this year we did luck by with a pair of hand-me-downs....


Anonymous said...

My husband tells me the hyacinths are already poking out of the soil in the garden in front of our south-facing window. (The snow has melted away in that spot and it gets plenty of sun.) It seems to early for spring, but there you have it!

Cute shoes!! I try to shop for the boys when more than one of them needs new shoes, so we can get that 2nd pair/half price deal. But mostly I try to make my husband take them. Their total disinterest drives me bonkers.

Kelly Dawn said...

i love em!!! and I love Payless!! We have a shoe store here that marks all the way down to 2.99 :) its not a payless but i usually dont walk out with less than 15 pairs of shoes if the girls are with crazy!! :)

I sometimes make Wayne take Austin but my father in law LOVES to take him....and he buys nike's on clearance all the time and stock piles them for great!! for my pocketbook

Melissa said...

I just ordered clearance winter coats from Land's End this morning. Jacob has ripped humongous holes in his (the coat is two years old) and there's no way it'll last him another two months. Sandals? What are those? Oh . . . those shoes we wear for two whole weeks out of the year. Just like bathing suites. Oh yeah!

PS - As germ-phobic as you are, I can't believe you get pedicures! Obviously you've never watched one of those nail salon exposes. Blech! ;-)

Farmer*swife a/k/a Glass_Half_Full said...

LOL, Lis! I have watched them. I cosmetology my Senior year as an easy class to keep my ranking. I'd already met my elective requirements and could have taken half a day at school, but instead I padded the report card. ;-)

I do watch what they do, how they clean, how the replace and disinfect tools, etc., etc. ;-)

I even notice when a hair dresser will drop a comb or a brush; you'd be amazed at how many don't put it immediately in the disinfecting bath!

Krishna said...

Those so look like you. I might even have to get some. and yes, i agree, i do better in over 90 degrees than what we have now.