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Friday, July 11, 2008

It's my Friday, I can sleep if I want to!

Yesterday was a fun filled day. We had a morning swim play date. Then, we went to my Bloggie Buddies house and the gals played dress up and the boys played legos. And, tractors. Then we Gals strung some bead and made some bracelets. (If you peep real close you can see my beads read "Friends.") It was a full day and when we got home it was time to catch up around the house and do the dinner, bath, and bed thing. Poor DH got in late-thirty last night. Kiddos all tucked in bed. Me all tucked in bed. Alarm goes off this morning. DH keeps hitting snooze. Poor DH needs a little rest, a little sleep in. But, No. There are crops to harvest. DH leaves the house at about five minutes till 7:00 a.m. Lil'Gal sleeps, I sleep, Farmer, Jr. sleeps. Lil'Gal and I finally mosey ourselves awake and to the living room. Poke-EE-noke-EE-O for her and coffee for me ;-). I know, I should correct Lil'Gal -- but, it is just so cute the way she mispronounces it. After all? Childhood is fleeting right? So, I hang on to the little tid bits while I can. So, counting my blessings. It's my Friday and I can sleep if I want to! Oh what a joy! After a pretty scheduled and fun week -- it's always nice to have a "do nothing" day. Of course, with kiddos...there really never is a "do nothing" day. Farmer, Jr. wakes and I make us a nice hot and tasty, healthy little breakfast. We leisure and then dress. We'll hang out today. Color some art. Maybe Lil'Gal and I can paint our tonie' nails. I'll chase Farmer, Jr. around the back. We'll read some books. We'll make some cookies. Yeah, it's a nice's a Happy Summer. When I take it all in and think about it Glass is flowing and full. Sure, it shakes a little and I loose a few drops. But so long as I keep counting my blessings it will never run low. I hope you too, can enjoy some rest and a peaceful Friday. May the sun warm your cheeks and your glass flow. Happy Friday!


gary rith said...

hey, those are your little toesies!
and happy Friday to you too

Farmer*swife said...

I actually cut out the tosie's cuz' I haven't painted them yet! LOL!

Knight said...

A do nothing day sounds so nice!

Just don't let her keep saying it wrong too long. My parents let me say mirror wrong until I was probably eleven. That was embarrassing.

Krishna said...

Glad ya'll had fun. I know my kids were totally exhausted last night. today we hit the beach and the pool!!!!

Oh, and avery says "nlk" rather than milk. drives us nuts!

Jay said...

Everybody needs a good do-nothing day every once in a while. They're always nice and refreshing.

Newt said...

Oh my, those sandals are FABULOUS. I am drooling. Cute bracelet too. But of course my eye went straight to those freak'n adorable shoes. Drooooool.

Farmer*swife said...

newt I got those shoes at Walmart last year for two or three bucks!!!

They are also very comfortable!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh, I miss the days when my boys were little and we could do such simple, fun things. Now, I get up before 5am to help get SuperDad out the door. The older boys do their own thing...after they sleep in half the day.
But y'know, more than that, I miss having a beading buddy and other moms when my kids had a playdate (because it was our playdate, too).
You did remind me: MUST go paint my tonie'nails!! The nephew's wedding is this Friday!