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Friday, July 11, 2008

Jumbo Chocolate Chip Cookies and Virgin Vlogging!

So, we did paint the tonie nails. Pretty cute, huh? So, as my Lil'Gal said to me this afternoon, "We had a great fun day, RIGHT MAMA!?" "Yes, I let's see if Mama can upload our music video!" We made two music videos. After making the terrific and huge [hence the recipes name "Jumbo"] Chocolate Chip Cookies, we decided to make our first vlog. Here are some scenes from the cookie making. Mmmmmmm! From scratch! Here's the recipe if you want it. (We left out the pecans, apparently I'm the only one that likes them in chocolate chip cookies.) My taste testers. (I know. Cookie dough has raw eggs. But, we all have to live a little and licking the beaters is a very important part of childhood.) The kiddos are watching in amazement as these are "Jumbo" Chocolate Chip Cookies. Three and a half inches! Yes, only six cookies to a cookie sheet -- mmmmmm, might tasty but one is all ya' need. So, then, all sugared up? We set up, grab our music gear and wardrobes and tape a music video. So much fun? Kiddos wanna' do another one to their "other" bubble gum music [as my Mom calls it] song. The second comes out even better than the first. To the computer room. Now, when I bought this video camera seven years ago while expecting my first child -- it was important to me that I would one day be able to hook the camera up to the computer and burn the videos to a DVD. I was assured by a sales rep who actually did seem to know what he was talking about -- that I could indeed do this. Having two children back to back left me with no time to mess with the computer and DVD part since the old computer wasn't equiped with a DVD burner. So, that part of the project was on hold. I would, occassionally, have DH hook it up to the VHS player and record some videos for the Grand parents who live out of town. Today: I get out the manual and have to skim/read the entire thing until I find a small, short, section about how to record from the "tape" [It uses a Mino Digital Video Cassette, part of the problem obviously] to the computer via "another media source." ie: the Television set. So, as it is past dinner time and I still have to grill the burgers and chop the potatoes for baked potatoe fries -- the vloggie will have to wait. Tomorrow, time allowing -- I will screw around with this bleeping set up apply myself a little more and try the whole hooking it up to the TV and then to the computer. Although, it does mention and "Ilink." But, from the pictures that was the big techie termie back then for a usb cord. GEEZE. Now I ask myself? Why didn't I purchase the camcorder that recorded directly to a DVD? Um, had something to do with quality at that time..... Happy Friday and Happy Vloggie!

1 comment:

Knight said...

I'm surprised you have to go through the TV and it won't let you save a regular video file to your computer directly. But I guess I have no idea what you are working with. I hope you figure it out because I can't wait to see the music video!