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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Total Eclipse of the Heart

Ever since our visit with my life long friend this past weekend, I haven't been able to get this song out of my head. This is the "big one" we used almost all the time when we were choreographing our magical performances. Though, "Betty Davis Eyes", was another good one. Anyhow. I just had to post this little play list. I'm hoping I can incorporate it into an email to her and surprise her with the musical flashback!
As seems to be typical when I try to incorporate a play list into my blog post -- you'll have to click on the "Pop Out" Player button to get it to open and play. Anyhow. It's good for a flashback to the early 80s, I guess it was. So, now I'm going to try and email it to her. Haven't come up with a bloggie nick-name for her yet. It's been hard and I've given it lots of thought. I'm thinkin' Kitty because we used to carry kittens around in our shirts while we rode our bikes. And, "Kitten" would sound more like we were lovers....and Pickle Juice just isn't very attractive for a Gal. Anyhow, enjoy your "Eclipse," (and yes, the pictures of the road trip are coming....soon.) Have a Happy "Bright Eyed" Wednesday!


gary rith said...

oh goodness, an ear worm....
btw, Fortune Cookie is thinking purple, and I will post an example Thursday....

Farmer*swife said...

gary, well in all fairness? You did leave me/us hanging with "Promises, Promises," and then "Nights in White Satin" for many sunrises and sunsets!


Anonymous said...

Kitty is definitely preferred to Kitten or PickleJuice. ;)

As American as Apple Pie said...

Whoa! I'm having flashbacks...that or its just gas. j/k

We used to choreograph "routines" to these songs too! Great list.

gary rith said...

FW-thanks for your comments at potsblog, you are just the nicest!
You can get the rating if you click on the PG on my blog. It will direct you to take one or two simple steps, VERY simple, except for the dating ad, then it gives you the rating plus the reasons why!

tt said...

Aww, yes..the 80's....loved them. Even if I was 'old' in those days. Sunshine girl is stuck there. She still loves 80's music and it reminds me of happy times.
And btw...I think 'picle juice' is way cute! :)
**waiting for pics ;)***