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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Super Saver! It's a muddy world....

HIIIII! YaY! So, I was a super saver....I've never really calculated what I saved (pre-coupons, which of course are my newest obsession due to -- see my bloggie roll to check it out). DH called to check back in as Farmer Junior is "fit to be tied" (and lucky I haven't actually tied him up to anything) because he wants to go with Daddy and is chompin' at the Bit to get out there and see what havock has been wreaked on the cotton and see the machines running and/or getting stuck in the mud. Yep. Farmin' is in his genes. I don't know what he'll be farming by the time he's a grown up. Probably farmin' genetically altered (hopefully for a positive way) crops in a cement world using some sort of genetic break through where the crops don't need soil, earth, rain and sun. Whooooo's a changing world! So, back to Super Saver! That's me. That's my Super Hero title today. After DH explained (without actual cursing or griping) that "It's not a good time for Farmer Junior to ride along with us right now....we are mighty (Bleepity-bleep) peaved about the situation." That situation being? It's a muddy world out there in the middle of the field. Cotton is strained and tacking away from it's safe haven in the bowl. It wants to be rescued. But, it's too BLEEPIN' muddy for the machines to get in and get it out. Flippin' Chicken Biskets!!! ME: "Honey? If it's any consolation of any? I can offer that I saved at least $24.00 at the grocery store today!!!!!" DH: "Great Job!" Mind you, $24.00 doesn't make a fool's difference when he is looking at hundreds of thousands of dollars of crop in the field that are supposed to be harvested to pay for the hundreds of thousand dollar expensive machines required to extricate said crop from said plant and field. But, still? I know it is encouraging to him that I am it is to me, that he and my BIL are also trying hard as well. It comes down to the bottom line -- make a buck, save a buck, pay for your house and feed yourself. Geeeze! That was kind of a low note of my happy quote! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ So, let's talk about savings Baby! I've always been a good saver, smart shopper, and magician with leftovers and the like. But? After reading my way through "Pro's" blog I have a new obsession to keep an actual count. And, I've missed so many shopping pennies -- but, it is hard to total when you are constantly threatening the life out of two small kids, who are in shopping tow with you. So, a run down: DH wanted Green "Scope." "Scope" was $3.00 MORE than generic Green "Scope." When you read the labels, they are the same. BLEACH, Generic: I LOVE me some CLOROX. But, I did sacrifice a try last month at a scented generic bleach as the label showed no difference other than CLOROX vs. Generic. Um, I bought the generic bleach again -- Saved a dollar or so. $1.00 buck! COUPON MOM! Yep, finally got to use another one of her coupons she makes available. I find that I do typically save a whole lot more than a coupon can save me by buying a not so "well known" brand. [Our two local groceries chains don't offer double and triple on coupons.] But, still? I saved $2.00 dollars on eight rolls of toilet paper. That's a quarter a roll! And, considering where it goes? TOTALLY WORTH IT! (And, yes, it was name brand TP). MINCED GARLIC: Okay, this savings was last week but I just had to share. I learned this tip at "Pro's" place that if you save the pretty minced garlic jar, and then mince your own? Significant savings. So, I said, "Hey? I'm about out of minced garlic. I'll try it." Jar went through the dishwasher and waited. Last week's grocery trip I bought two cloves of garlic at a total of 65 cents. Minced garlic for the same sized jar was going for $2.39, I believe (if, I'm quoting correctly). CAN you BELIEVE THAT? Like a $1.7+ savings! All, I had to do was peal it and mince it through the chopper. Easy-Peasie! (uh-oh, now I sound like Pro, LOL!) [Now? Why didn't "I" think of that?] BLACK PEPPER: Seriously? I love to cook but I'm no Emeril. Generic Black Pepper will work just the same for me as McCormick's. And, it's a big difference. I didn't totally write down the amount but I'm thinkin' a couple of quarters. (50 cents! ;-D) MARK DOWN MEAT: Typically, around here? When the meat is at mark down? They season it so you can't see the rankness through the re-packaging. But, today? I checked it out a little deaper. (Again, Pro Found $16.00 worth of black angus thick cut steaks at about half priced. Told DH, he'd be eating steak tonight -- another little ploy to lift his spirits. (Oh, and the sale or freeze by date? 07-31-08 -- still two days away.) A splurge still? But DH totally deserves it and I'll enjoy as well! OLIVE OIL: Holy Crap! This shit is expensive. Recently, I purchased the generic. Hey, again, I love to cook and I'm pretty good at it. But, an extra $2.00 or $3.00 on a bottle of Fancy Olive Oil, isn't going to improve the flavor of my stir fry. ZYRTEC: Over the Counter!!!! At first, I was like, "Blast you Zyrtec for going over the counter! Now insurance will no longer cover the cost!" But, then? Generic!!! Whoop! $24.00 Zyrtec brand vs. $16.00 for generic. Exactly the same thing, I checked with the allergist. $8.00 savings! (Unless you need the Zyrtec D, which DH does from time to time. But, typically, he gets by with an extra $8.00 in our pocket each month now). FRUIT BARS: So, let's just get it out there. Name Brand doesn't always taste "so much better" for the price....and, often isn't as healthy as a generic. So, lets use Fruit Bars as our example: Awhile back, Mrs. T cleaned her pantry and gave us some extra fruit bars "Nutri-Grain" that her kiddos weren't gonna' eat. So, my kids? Didn't like them. DH does. But, kids say NO. I compared the labels: Generic has 20 grams LESS sodium, 1 gram less carbs, 1 extra gram of fiber, 75% more Riboflavin, 75% more Vitamin B6, 90% more Folate, the same with the Name brand on all else, except additionally: 100% Vitamin B12, 4% Phosphorus, and 2% Magnesium. All at about $1.00 cheaper per box. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ It gets better. So, while running every errand connected to each other on the same trip to the same town, I walked from one parking space with two children and across two locations (pit stop at the optomistrist to order contact lenses) to the CVS Pharmacy. Had a prescription there. Discount vs. our fantastic local, family owned little pharmacy. Rare, but I took it. So, when I get in there? 50% off bins! Wine! White Merlot! Body Butter! With the savings and CVS card? I got a $7.00 bottle of wine for $2.99. I should have bought about four or six of those suckers. Probably woulda' looked bad with the kids being with me and all, though. AND? Body Butter Cream also 50% off. $5.99 regular. With 50% off and CVS card? $1.99! So, let's see if I can calculate all my savings today (plus the garlic)... We are looking at $32.00 plus savings! Smart Shoppin? Totally ROCKS!!! Yeah, so I'm a "Super Saver!" I've always been thrifty? But, now? You can add, "Super" to that! Try it out. Take the few extra seconds. If it's two pennies or a dollar? Read the labels to be sure you are getting all of what you are paying for -- or? Aren't paying more, for less. Happy Super Tuesday! [I'll have those road trip pics up soon. Just busy and lazy to mess with formatting today!]


Harry said...

I am *so* proud of you! I loved hearing of all your savings so much. It warms my heart beyond compare to think the tips and hints written on my kitchen counter in California are helping you in Texas. Good for you on buying the steaks. It's amazing how searching for clearance items that you can actually live better! I lucked out a couple weeks ago, when the grocery store was clearing out frozen popcorn shrimp that normally was $8.99 a box (gulp). They had marked it to $1.99 (good) but when combined with a $1 coupon that was doubled -- it was free! Thanks again for the mention of ... and keep those wonderful comments coming.

tt said...

You make me giggle! lol I love to read upbeat,positive things....and the fact that I read them just as fast as you wrote them ( probably) makes me giggle even more. I'm gonna go check out now cuz you've got me intrigued!
Hope the cotton dries out. that just sucks...
Have a happy wednesday@!

Jay said...

Man, that's some pretty serious savings there! You've convinced me to give those websites a try and see what I can find to save money on.

Anonymous said...

Way to go!!

I have a few items that I still buy name-brand for, but I should challenge myself again. Maybe the other brand of beans isn't so bad after all?

I'm esp. impressed that you were able to cheer up your Farmer! That would cheer up SuperDad, too. :)

gary rith said...

eek! thousands of dollars in wet cotton fields! But dang, 2.99 for wine???? That IS good news.