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Monday, July 14, 2008

Lookie what I learned!

Yeah, recently? These guys landed on my chimney. Farmer, Jr. rushes in exclaiming that there are VERY LARGE BIRDS on our roof! He was excited and also concerned. I went out expecting to see a seagull or a grackle or something... Click on the pics to see: "Um, ducks? The lake is that way! Ha-Ha!!! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Anyhow, I used these pics to play around with adding text to them (like chatty and gr have done, and probably another hundred of y'all). So, it didn't work for my quite the way Pottery Guy explained to me but he gave me enough information and instructions to get me there! I still need to work on this trick a little (I'm not very good with the paint program). But at least now I know the little trick y'all bloggies use to write on your pictures ;-D Thanks gr Y'all have a Happy Monday!!!


Dianne said...

I'm not very good with text on photos either, you did a great job!

I guess you could call them "Santa Ducks" ;)

sorry I haven't commented in a bit I'm always being interrupted by a client call and then forget where I was

Anonymous said...

Please share, because I have no idea how to do that, and I'd love to learn!

Still, DUCKS on a CHIMNEY?! Weird...

PS: My plates & bowls from Gary have arrived! WHOOT!!

gary rith said...

Ha! Well done!