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Sunday, July 6, 2008

Lazy Bloggie!

Yeah, so...I have some fantastic sunset pics [taken using the lessons Photo Pal gave us a week ago or so] but, I'm too lazy to upload them. Isn't that crazy? I mean, it takes, what? A couple of minutes? Yeah, but then I have to load all the pictures and I have to go ahead and burn the CD of the keepers and then, since I am at it...I should upload them for printing.... Sheeze. It becomes a chore. Y'all know it is hard for me to start something and leave it. Thus? I am actually procrastinating this project/chore. I am NOT a procrastinator. Hmmmm. Well, seein' as it is Sunday and the last of a Holiday weekend...I'm gonna' let myself off the hook. But, I will post those pictures...tomorrow. It's in writing so now I am committed. Oh, and I also did get a pic or two of those two little grey speckled eggs that Lil Miss Chuck Wills Widow is nesting on. [I guess, she's probably a Mrs. and not a Miss...unless she procreated against the laws of God -- wait. Do birds mate for life? Do they get married? Am I the only one who asks these questions? LOL] We also made some flag 4th of July cupcakes. And, watched some free fireworks from way across the grain field. And, listend to some electric guitar (we could hear it across the grain field AND the highway)! I called the farmer family who lives there thinking surely the kids were having a party while Mom and Dad are out. The Dad answered the phone. ME: "Oh, okay then. Just checking. I'll go back to enjoying the music now!" Ha ha! Oh. I know why else I've been bloggie lazy. Remember the paper sale? Yea, so I've been scrapping pics and paper. I have finally convinced myself to start a layout and come back to finish it that I have my crap scrap table back. Oh, and I almost forgot! WE WON!!! Me and Lil'Gal entered that "Pet Layout" Contest at the local Scrapbook Paradise and I won!! And, she tied with another Gal (older than my Lil Gal). The kid entries were really cute and pretty good. So, I figured my Lil Gal's entry with two pics of the dogs and lots and lots ribbon wasn't going to have a chance. But, at least it was on display. And, the adults were pretty cute. There was one I really liked with pictures layered, inked, framed in card stock, etc., etc., blah, was good. So, I also figured that I wasn't in the running for this contest. But, I WON! We WON!!! That means free paper....oooooh, and free other stuff!!!! BIG, BIG NEWS!!!! Farmer, Jr. learned how to ride a big bike -- training wheel free! We practiced the other day. Then yesterday morning he was putting on his tennie shoes as soon as he awoke. I too, shoed up. But, when I walked out to assist him? He was riding the thing by himself all the way down the drive! WHOO-HOO for him!!!!! Today? He was practicing the "Look Ma, no hands!!!" Okay. So, that sums up my Lazy Bloggie. If you are still actually reading me and haven't fallen asleep or aren't desperately reaching for your mouse then I'll add that I also have pics of DH on the combine cutting grain. That's generally how we spend the 4th around here. But, as that involves uploading pics and I've already been there....tomorrow. Oh, and also remind me tomorrow to tell you about the lice in my dream. YUCK! RIGHT? Who dreams about lice? Why? I'll pull out the dream manual and we'll find out ;-) Later Gators. Happy Lazy and Happy Sunday!


Krishna said...

been meaning to email you. If ya want to bring bikes to our playdate, all the kids can ride together. They would love that!

Jay said...

He's got the "Look ma, no hands!" going today so tomorrow somebody will have to build him a ramp to start jumping things with!

Farmer*swife said...

krish Well, I could bring the bike and trike [or pedal tractor]!

jay ummm, no ramps here...that's a total insurance liability, LOL!

I'll let him stick with the bumps and stumps riding across the field! That'll keep him flying high for now, LOL!!

Anonymous said...

I have been a lazy blogger also! So sad I either have guest post or I blog some really silly stuff! hahah!!

Glad jr is riding a bike by himself. I think it is sooooooo cool!!

Happy Sunday to you also Missy!!!


gary rith said...

You won!!!!
Oh, I remember when I learned to ride a bike too, a VERY big deal.

Knight said...

Congrats! I was hoping to see a picture of the entries. I would especially love to see what lil gal did. I love to see how kids envision things.

Farmer*swife said...

knight I will definately share the winning lay outs!

I'll pick them up some time this week! :-D