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Monday, July 7, 2008

As Promised....

Well, as promised yesterday, I have lots of photo shots for y'all! We'll start with how we spend the 4th of July around here: Hey look! There's DH on the combine....and there he is dumping on the buggy. You're almost done Honey!!! Next, here are the two tiny little grey speckled eggs (not much larger than a couple of jelly beans). We'll keep ya' posted on the Chuck Wills Widow population increase around here ;-) Here's an update on the cotton. The bushes bloom in mostly white (but some pink/purple-ish) flowers. The flowers then form little bowls like this: The bowls grow bigger like the picture on the right. Then they begin to POP! open. After that the plants are sprayed with a chemical called DROP and it basically causes the plant to drop the leaves so that the cotton strippers and/or pickers can remove the cotton more easily. I'll try and share some of those pics later for those who are curious about it. It really is so cool to see the whole process from the plant in the field to the module, to the gin, and so forth. Of course, I've saved the best [most] for last. It was so hard to decide which of these pictures to upload to my bloggie so I pretty much went with about all of them...but, yes...there are still more. Now, these don't look anything like the fantastic sky show I enjoyed that evening. (And, I took millions -- okay -- 20 something.) But, here you can at least see I learned a little something. These are the same exact sunset taken seconds apart. The first photo was taken on "auto" function on my Cannon Digital Rebel. The second I changed the settings (okay, I looked at my notes I listed under "sunsets" and I put it on TV mode and I changed the numbers and the camera did the rest). Just a little knowledge makes a big difference, huh? If I took the time to actually play around and crop these -- the colors will really show up more enhanced and truer to life. I will say please be sure to click on the sunsets. When enlarged you can see all the true colors and they are just so pretty! Now these are my favorites. I love the way the sun shines in that star like, glorious, manner from within and between the clouds: Isn't that a beautiful picture? [Okay, maybe I'm biased because I took it. But, it came out fantastic!] I've always found something wonderfully intriguing about clouds. I mean, they hang up there in the sky all by themselves. No tape, no glue, no nails or strings or brads. (I realize it is actually science and chemistry that puts them there....but I still find the beauty of the clouds themselves). Now...I know I hardly did these skylines justice. But, I still find the way I captured them fantastically beautiful and when I see the sky all lit up with color and glory? I've feel blessed. I feel peaceful. I feel happy. While I'm rambling about stuff, I'd like to give a shout out to the Man Up Stairs for the showers, drizzles and rain we've been receiving. Little by little it is adding up to half an inch so far. That may not be two inches or even one inch. But, if one inch is all we need -- then our Glass is already half full! [smiley-wink] And, even at half an inch, it certainly couldn't, it's gotta' be some help. ;-D And, with that I will end this post. I'll have to come back later about the lice in my hair dream. EWWWWWWWWW! Happy Monday!


Jay said...

Those pictures are all beautiful! Wow!

gary rith said...

wow, what a series of pics! I can imagine farming 100 years ago in the Texas summer sun was a bit hot?

Knight said...

I don't know how you do it. These pictures are incredible. I hardly ever see a skyline like that.

I'm glad you are getting rain and I'm crossing my fingers you will get the rest!

captain corky said...

Those pics are incredible.