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Saturday, July 12, 2008

Bleepin' Vloggie!

Well gang. I read the manual and hooked it all up just like the little pictures showed. I changed the settings according to the manual, blah, blah, didn't work. Now, I am sure I can consult with DH when he gets home and it may either be that I'm using the outlets on our TV/DVD duo rather than an actual VCR...[but, since the hook ups are the same it shouldn't really matter.] However, I am an intelligent person so surely I could figure this out on my own...right? I'd like to think so. PHEWP! Well, I'll let DH give it a try this PM if he gets in at a decent hour and is feeling techie. Though, usually, I am the techie one. If I can't get it to work then that means all of my tapes will have to be taken to a "professional" to be converted to DVDs. In which camcorder will need an upgrade. Because not being able to convert them to DVDs myself -- is, as they say -- unacceptable! That's my only complaint today. So, life is good (just not on DVD). Happy Saturday!

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