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Thursday, July 24, 2008

What's that sound????

Well, y'all Dolly gave her spill. I awoke shortly close to 3:00 a.m. to loud winds and torrid rains hitting on the windows on the South side of the' rooms have lots of windows and that is where the storm seemed to be blowing from. Though, I hadn't been sleeping so soundly for the last hour or so. This time I just actually got out of bed, rather than flipping and flopping and flap-jacking (all the while trying not to wake Lil' Gal). Though, Lil' Gal was apparently awake too because she then spoke and asked me where I was going. DH was in our room on the other side of the house and the only thing to really be heard in there (other than a few tinks or rain and some wind) was the "snore factor." But, the weather was SOOO loud on the kids' side that Lil'Gal and I couldn't sleep. Farmer Junior ended up with DH in our room. Farmer Junior, apparently, isn't bothered by the "snore factor." The rain was so loud hitting against the windows that I couldn't hear well enough (I was listening for the sound of a train engine, in case a tornado was to come through unexpectedly.) We were only under a tornado watch. But, I awoke with the heart pounding fear. I walked around the house most of the night, off and on, changing rooms and trying to plan my recruitment route for everyone in case the "freight train" did pronounce itself. My Baby (though not so baby) brother was also visiting and so I had to be sure to include him in this emergency route. I finally made a pallet in our room (Lil'Gal and I wouldn't fit in the bed with DH and Farmer Junior) but I had to get her into a room that wasn't so loud so she could actually get some sleep. Once she was padded down and asleep I made my exit to our bathroom (yes, our bathroom). I considered the tub, but settled for a pallet of my own....I was desperate for sleep and DH was snoring so loudly that I couldn't tolerate it. It was much quieter in there and I actually fell asleep for about 15 minutes before Farmer Junior hollered out in his sleep. Once again, I couldn't decided where was the best place to be sure, if asleep, I would awake in time to hurdle everyone into DH's closet for safety. This may sound very paranoid to you...but, when the wind is that loud and the rain is that hard and the TV says we are under a Tornado Watch? The possibility stands. I didn't want to be one of those unfortunate families on the news that had been tossed about in their sleep by an unexpected tornado. So, at six this morning I layed on the pallet with Lil' Gal all the while the alarm kept going off but DH wouldn't wake; from the lower window where we layed I could see the kitchen lights on at my MIL and FIL's house. Someone was up and getting ready for their day. I was just wishing DH would get his @$$ out of bed wake so I could slip stealthily beneath the warm covers and fall blissfully to sleep be sure he wasn't late for work -- well, water work's anyhow. Poor guy. Anyhow, with all the water puddling around DH has decided we are going to get out of town so he doesn't have to watch the cotton tattering, and rotting in the field. But, he doesn't know where to go, or when we'll go. He just told me to pack some bags and be ready. So, if you don't read me for a day or'll know why. I'm not techie enough to bloggie via my cell phone. But, I'll be sure to share some pics if we go anywhere fun... ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ As for Mama bird? Farmer Junior and I searched for her yesterday. Determined. We kept seeing one bird in particular that looked just like her and she herself kept searching areas as we were. She also searched closly to the ground and field grass. Fighting against the high winds and then she'd settled in one of her few known spots to rest...then? She'd begin searching again. So, Farmer Junior and I are hoping and living under the impression that she was able to move her two baby chicks in time (though, I know the odds are that the babies were washed and blown away.) Dammit Dolly!! Poor Mama bird. Anyhow, happy WET Thursday.


tt said...

Well, if that doesn't suck the big one! sorry girlie....hope everything wasn't ruined.
And mama bird...too bad. It's really hard to watch something so neat unfold before your eyes then loose it all of a sudden. SFD! posted pics of your precious lil girl( who is absolutely adorably cute!!) and your hansome lil farmer Jr....but what of you????? Huh.....?

Hope the dry out time is short and you can getback to normal real soon.

Anonymous said...

I am so sorry! I too hope that everything is not ruined!!

can't wait to here where yall went!!!

Stay safe!

Jay said...

Yeah, it really sucked when Dolly made that jump to the north at the last minute. And strengthening to a Cat 2 didn't exactly help matters either.

Hope it's not a total loss.

Anonymous said...

At our house, it's usually the one who snores who ends up on the sofa. I'm so sorry about the mess Dolly made. I feel sad for you when I watch the Weather Channel, thinking about your farm. Hopefully you can have fun, wherever you go.

gary rith said...

Oh my goodness, and your crop getting ruined???

Knight said...

I've been thinking about yall. Hope you are doing okay!

Tink said...

Your crops were ruined? Oh girl. I am so sorry. Hurricanes are a bitch, for sure. Keep us updated. ((HUG))