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Tuesday, July 22, 2008


Yep. The big 36'er. Course, I like threes. So, this is a pretty cool age. Too bad r.e.h. has been MIA so long. He also likes threes. So, DH hadn't gotten me a card yet. And, I told him not to worry or waste $5.00 on a card but to just write me a little note from the heart. It would mean more. This morning on my bathroom countertop I found a folded piece of paper from a yellow note pad. He wrote the sweetest things inside. He totally kicked Halmarks @$$! Totally!!! SIDE NOTE: tt and gr inquired about the phrase "fumigate a ship" from my previous post. My FIL has a pest control business. (He started it a million years ago to help out in those years when the crops didn't provide so well). My FIL is a very smart man. I have the utmost respect for him. Anyhow. They do residential, commercial, and industrial. Fumigating a ship is when they go to the port for a ship that is either coming in or leaving to another port. By law, the ships have to be treated to kill any pests/insects, etc. that might be in the bins, food, grain, etc. One time they did this big job for the military. Took special clearance and all. They were fumigating the weapons and vehicles that were being shipped off to Iraq. Pretty cool! BACK TO MY BIRTHDAY: So DH brought breakfast this morning to us also. Kids slept late. Still trying to decide what to do today. Waste fuel and go shopping with some of my gift card goodies my Fav and Best MIL gave me...even a scrapbook gift certificate to my FAV little Scrapbook Paradise! Or, Lil Gal and I have discussed making me a birthday cake. Because you know with kids....birthdays are all about the cake! FLASHBACK: I remember my first birthday at home as a SAHM (Stay At Home Mom). My son was a year and a half old and my daughter was two months. We went to Super Walmart and I bought Farmer Junior one of those really big plastic bouncy balls. for about $4.00. We played in the back yard and I pushed him on the swing while Lil Gal rested in a "river" chair. That was six years ago. My how time does fly. The only bad thing about birthdays to me, is that I hate flashing back to my childhood. It totally sucked. But, I have to say the second half of my life is completely and totally fantastic! I am ever so blessed. My glass is flowing... Okay, the other bad thing about birthdays is the aging. It's bad enough that my face is falling (for a good laugh, click here: So What Is This?) But, apparently my A$$ is too. I've never had much of a bottocks. As my Dad says, "I've got a back with a crack; plywood A$$." Which, I inherited from him. (Thank goodness my kids have inherited their Daddys well rounded bum! LOL!) Anyhow, the two inches or so of tissue that is back there? Has drifted and is now merging it's way down my thighs. I have to tuck it back up into my underwear or it will make an appearance out of my shorty shorts when I bend over. Being short myself, I have to wear shorty shorts or else I'll look like I have no legs. Almost forgot! Guess who shares a birthday with me? This little guy: (Click on the picture to see the baby bird peepin out from under Mommy.) Actually, he and his/her sibling were born/hatched about two days ago. Me and Farmer Junior went to check the mail, just as the sun was setting so we could check on the two little eggs while "Mama bird" was out inhaling bugs and stuff. But, when we got there Mama had moved and the eggs were no where in sight. We sat down beside her within arms reach. She didn't move and was apparently still napping (they are nocturnal birds). I actually reached out and pet her tail feathers. Of course it startled her a little and she jumped up -- to display two tiny little peachy colored balls of down. Babies!!!! Well, Tropical Storm "Dolly" is out in the Gulf so things are a little edgy around here as we have basically all of our cotton in the field with exception to what they got out yesterday. But, she's going in down Mexico way so not so much to worry. I figure she's wanting a margarita. I mean, that's a lot of work spinning her way across the entire Gulf. So, I guess that about sums it up for now. I'm off to go share my "sagging" self with the world! I'll be back later Gators! Happy Tuesday and Happy Birthday!!! (If you happen to share it with me)


Jay said...

Happy Happy Happy Happy


Keep an eye on Dolly. Those things can go just about anywhere sometimes.

Farmer*swife said...

Thanks jay!!!

Knight said...

Happy Birthday! I vote for making cake. I don't even like cake but it sure would be fun, right? Except then you have to clean. Hmm...

I think that eye of yours looks pretty darn good. I'm not getting the crows feet yet but I sure do have some lovely bags appearing. That isn't cute at all.

Tink said...

Happy birfday! Eat all the cake you want today, it's fat free. No seriously. My Momma told me it doesn't count on birthdays. Honest. ;)

Krishna said...

Happy Bday!!!!! and no, you aren't sagging!

gary rith said...

I see. You meant it, they really did go to fumigate a ship. Sounded like a .....I don't know, a joke maybe?

Scottifer said...

Happy birthday to the bestest sister in the world. way cooler than kyle's too!

Anonymous said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I wish you many many more!!!

Luv Ya and G-d bless


Farmer*swife said...

Y'all so rock!!!! And, many thanks!