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Sunday, July 20, 2008

What I did today! Inquiring minds, just wanna' know!

MMMMMMMmmmmmm, slept in. Well, not sleeping but "layed" in until almost 7:30 this morning! Kiddos slept and DH didn't have to get up at the crack of dawn today...although, he wouldn't be attending church with us as he had a ship to fumigate. I swagger into the kitchen to set the coffee pot, and swagger back into the bathroom to insert my eyes. I am extreeemly blind without glasses or contacts. And, I don't wear glasses during the day because they don't allow enough peripheral vision and I bump into the walls and such. So, as I swagger, I plan on taking the kids for our routine Sunday morning breakfast "before church" as I'm not planning on attending the 8:00 a.m. mass. I'd rather swagger around the house a little more. DH alerts me that we have a visiting priest and that mass is an hour and a half! [GASP!] I don't mind a long service (I was raised Baptist, but I converted to Catholocism because you can drink and not have to deny it every Sunday morning. They actually even serve it! Yeah, at 8:00 and 10:00 a.m.! Cool, huh?!) It is a known fact that, a five year old and a six year old are not going to manage to sit quietly for an hour and a half, without fighting, disruption and five trips to the restroom between the two of them (okay, and maybe one trip for myself). So, reluctantly, I nix church today. THUS, SCHEDULE CHANGE: DH has time to take us to breakfast before the ship. But, I have to loose the swagger and do the high speed shuffle. I was still applying mascara while climbing in the truck and buckling my seat belt. I got a little in my eye. Don't you HATE IT when that happens? And, it stuck to my contact too. Geeze! Anyhow. Breakfast was nice. DH drops us and I... Break out the Bissell! [Well, first I check my PDA Phone waiting for a msg from my Tech Buddy.] Then, Bissell around 3000 square feet, impulsing the house with the sweet clean aroma of Pine and Sol. I stroked across the floor, (trying not to let the children see I was getting so giddylee high from the Piney sweet scent), all the while nagging said children to Pick up their CRAP off the floor kindly return their toys to their own rooms. SIL calls as I stop to swap the laundry and add to the pile that will require folding, etc. when I finish this blog post. We get online and discuss the Scrapbook product(s) we were going to order to save shipping -- but, they are out of what she wanted so we scrap that idea. ;-) But, as I am on the computer I check for new coupons which apparently are not available yet and read my emails. I also check my PDA Phone every 30 minutes for a text from my Techie Buddy who is going to be assisting me in ordering my laptop!*** Yeah!! We got our GW check and DH said I could get my Lap Top!!! ***If you are interested in the yesterday's story on that, read on here: ```````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````` YESTERDAY: We went to Best Buy to try and find the 'best buy' on the lap top that did everything and really fast! That's what I wanted! Everything! And, I wanted it NOW!!! So, I look at the Mac Books that Tech Buddy had told me would work best for me but I didn't wanna' have to shell out the $$$ to load Microsoft Windows (I know, why buy a Mac when you are going to run Windows on it -- my Tech Buddy explained it and it is totally cool!!!) Anyhow, Sales Guy lead me to the HPs and I find the one I want with bells, whistles, steak, and speed! The price was mighty fine and 'on sale' cheaper than I what I expected to pay. While Sales guy start to ring me up, I call up Tech Buddy "just to double check" that I'm getting the best deal. Bex, his wife answers as apparently Tech Buddy is extremely sick. (I could hear him literally cough up a lung and then put it back in! Yeah, pretty sick.) So, she tries to translate what I'm getting and then he hears the words "MI-CRO-SOFT VEEES-TA." Noooooooooooooooo!!!!! So we discuss all about it and, so...I have to tell Sales Guy, "Um, yeah...never mind." Sales guy and his Sales Buddy try to argue with me that any machines left with Windows XP will be removed from the shelves in about two days and will no longer be available (except online via another site or something). So, I argue that, "Um, no. My friend states otherwise." [Although, when I tell Sales Guy that Vista is apparently CRAP -- he agrees this seems to be the impression going around. He agrees with me on that point but was still going to sell it to me?] "So what are you goin' to get?" Sales Guy's buddy inquires, smarty-pants like, I think he was almost calling me a liar? I say, "I don't really know, but I'll still take the router." LOL! Yeah, they knew what I was getting. And, I wasn't buying it from them. ```````````````````````````````````````````````````````````` Otherwise, pick up here: So, that's why I keep checking the PDA cell phone because I had text'd my dying Tech Buddy that should life return to him I'd be waiting anxiously, drooling and foaming patiently to order my lap top. [He's gonna' offer advisement as I order from the website recommended so that I only pay for what I need and not the extra bull crap they try to tack on.] In the meantime, I scrub four toilets inside and out, along with the four bathrooms they reside in. [Okay, three bathrooms and a potty closet.] I wash the covers of and clean two children's booster seats which were disgustingly filthy, unload and reload the dishwasher, and change the laundry -- then I feed lunch to two children. I check my PDA again, and then realizing I will be needing to purchase new Clorox Bleach tabs for the toilets soon and also Clorox Bathroom Cleaner -- I have a thought. "Maybe Clorox offers coupons or discounts on their web site..." Nope. Just some tips on how to use their products. I think I pretty well got that figured out. So, since I'm here? I read a few bloggies, laugh a little, snort a time or two, and then decide I'll pop in an update on my own bloggie. I mean, I couldn't leave y'all hanging as I know that the minorly intricate details of my daily life are a big part of what keeps y'all bloggin' on. Well, no text or call from Tech Buddy so I guess he's still trying to keep that lung down. Off to change the laundry, yet again...and then begin the mountain of folding. (Luckily? I like the folding. I just hate sorting the dang socks! Chicken Biskets!) Happy Sunday!


Jay said...

I'm going to be getting a new (well, not NEW, but very upgraded used) MacBook here in a couple of months. My brother in law has several Macs and he has the program that allows him to Windows on the Mac desktop. He needed it for work purposes, but he would have gotten it anyway just cause it's cool. LOL

As for machines still running XP you can get them from local guys who build custom machines. That's what I would do.

gary rith said...

I love this crazy post, but two things come to mind:
4 toilets and bathrooms? You deserve a medal!!!!!
and fumigate a ship? wow. wonder what that means?

tt said...

Yea, I'm with gary...fumagate a ship??? what's up with that??

And gotta big house! Geesh...4 pottie-rooms? makes me tired just thinking about swooshing all those potties.
Good luck on the laptop..woohoo!

Anonymous said...

Any time you want, c'mon over and you can clean my house. Because seriously? It isn't my favorite thing to do!