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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Dammit Dolly!

Yeah, so "Dolly" came in along the Texas-Mexico border and now she is pounding us with rain. Normally, we are all about rain around here. Except when the grain is being cut....and, when the cotton is in the field waiting to be picked or stripped. SHAME. DH of course is bummed and mopey. He didn't check the rain gauge this morning. I told him that what if it filled up and then over flowed? We wouldn't know exactly how much rain we got all together. He said, at that point? It won't matter any more. Cuz' our cotton crop will be ruined. Dammit Dolly! That's gonna' be my new curse word. Along with Bleep and Chicken Biskets. Bleepin' Dolly. Why did she have to have such a cute name. So, it's all wet and as DH says, "A Turd Floater" around here. Good thing is the new septic in the new house works fantastic! [It bleepin' better though for all we paid for it upon building this castle.] At the old house? We wouldn't be able to flush a toilet or drain a tub for days. Boy, I don't miss that at all. So, we had a storm move through with possibility of "circulation" ie: Tornadic activity! So, me and the kids had to scramble to Daddy's closet and sit for about five or ten minutes until it passed. And, my windows are all wet and dirty again -- I just cleaned'em!! ALL! (Well, except the garage and computer room). But, the outsides too!! If that is my biggest problem today I guess I am pretty blessed. So long as the cotton doesn't drown. AND, I didn't sleep well at all. Sure I fell out hard, but it just didn't last. Once I heard the rain trickle and occassionally pound on the tin of our roof and the glass of the bedroom windows I knew that was that. So, I played musical beds going back and forth from here to there. Thinking one place might offer me more sleep than the other. I hate it when I'm so sleepy -- yet, completely awake. And, I kept thinking about Mama Bird out there and her tiny babies. I sure hope she was able to move them to a high spot or a mound and protect them from the wet. I might get my umbrella and make the wet walk to the rain gauge and check on Mama bird. (If I can overcome the Tornado fear -- with my luck one would spin it's way over and I wouldn't be IN THE HOUSE.) Happy Wet Wednesday! [Dammit Dolly!]


gary rith said...

Oh my goodness, I hope this hurricane isn't too much trouble for you!

Knight said...

I hope the crop is okay. Stay in the house!

Anonymous said...


Jay said...

Hope the crop survives.

I was really hoping Dolly would move South. Way South. I have friends along the Texas/Mexico border. They're getting hammered right now.

Farmer*swife said...

jay Yeah, I guess I shouldn't complain as it could be worse. But, if we get another inch or two of rain we might be in some deep BLEEP!

Hope your friends are tied tight and hanging on.

Thanks y'all for the support!

Krishna said...

i've been meaning to call you but knowing how much you hate the phone to ring, i'll post.

what is your rainfall total. we got 4 1/4 or so.

how is baby bird?