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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

No Bleepin' Sleepin'!! >:-{

I went to sleep blissfully, after a nice long HOT soak in my "Queen of Sheba" tub. But, it was one of those nights/mornings. I realized I'd basically been watching the clock and flipping and stretching and changing positions most of the night. Finally? Sleep was about to hit when "SNNNGGGGNNNGGGGHHHH!" DH started snorin.' Really Loud. Well, off to the couch I go [with my feather pillow in tow.] Flip flop, like flap jacks. Almost, almost, almost asleep -- I think? "Mama? I had a bad dream...." "Okay Baby girl Mama will come lay with you." This is at 5:00 a.m. So, I lay there. She actually did go back to sleep and is still sleeping. I just lay there and let her snuggle until I hear DH's cell phone ring and worry that he might have snored through the alarm. But, he was up. I go climb back in our bed [hoping my comfort zone might bring me an extra 20 minutes before the kiddos are up.] Nope. Screw it. An [generic, of course] excedrine migraine (lack of sleep gives me a head ache) and two cups of coffee, and the computer. Haven't even puttied and painted my face done my make-up yet. Not like me. Well, my Junior Farmer has awoken [he's first this morning?] and he requested pancakes for breakfast. I offered chocolate chip but he wants "cinnamon roll" pancakes. ???????? We'll see what I can come up with. I did explain to him that he would not have them iced all over like a cinnamon roll. He'd have to eat them with our [sugar free] regular syrup. After that [and painting on the face] Pro Homaker has me all wriled up about coupons so I am off to click and print my way into some BIG TIME savings. I'll let ya' know how it goes! Have a Happy Cinnamon Tuesday!!!


gary rith said...

dang, I like cinnamon, but turn down choco chip pancakes?????

Jay said...

Mmmmm pancakes! And I'm with Gary. I'd never say no to chocolate chip pancakes. ;-)

gary rith said...

I was thinking of making skinny pancakes (crepes) and doing it with sugar and cinnamon (have not made these for a little while):
-add an extra egg and extra milk to your usual pancake batter, so that it is a little thin
-fry and flip like any pancake, until gold, you end up with a thin pancake (crepe!) and you can keep a stack of them warm in your oven until all are made
-take each one out, sprinkle cinnamon sugar on them, then roll them up, ready to eat!

yeow baby, I know what's for breakfast here tomorrow!

Anonymous said...

Gary, I've got new plates, if you want to make breakfast here!!

GHFG, I'm also the one who goes to the sofa, but for the opposite reason. I also had a flip-flop like a pancake night, for a while anyway. Maybe we can blame it on the moon?