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Monday, July 14, 2008

Pro Homemaker-dot-com

So, viewing a few bloggies today in between cleaning the [30]windows we have [plus four door sized], mending a button, stripping the beds and remaking them all AND washing all the dirty sheets, organizing Lil'Gal's closet [I know...she should do it herself. But, I'm a control freak and....I really have to pick my battles with her. Closet was a peaceful fix for me.] So, what else? [Consulting the List] Oh, I had to repot a plant, dust the window sills (Lil'Gal did do this for me -- cost me one whole can of pledge, but hey? She was happy and that chore is done...yeah, baby. Multi-tasking!) I might add, there are 19 window sills (we have large windows with two panes each.) I also cleaned the inside of several of the windows and all door size windows as well. The dishwasher had to be emptied first thing this morning (generally how I do it around here) and the beds had to be re-made. I had to make a chart for Lil'Gal [we are working on medication assisting her with her urinary medical, charts offer incentives.] In the meantime, feed kids, keep kids happy and busy (Farmer, Jr. got to go with his cousin and Pa to the Ranch! Cool beans. Only one to maintain today! [of course, the high maintenance one -- but, incredibly adorable]) And, walk on treadmill. Okay. Didn't do that one because I hopped on the computer and into bloggie-ville as chatty had bragged and shared about a thrifty, neat freak, organized bloggie!!! SO TOTALLY UP MY ALLY! Anyhow, here's the URL to check out this fab, thrifty, neatie, bloggie: Pro Happy Savings! Happy Tips and Tricks! And, Happy Monday!!!


Chatty said...

It sounds like you've had quite a day. I hope Lil'Gal goes for your charts. Tracking progress is definitely an incentive. Hope Farmer, Jr. had a great day at the farm!
Thank you so much for giving my friend Harry a mention - I know he appreciates it, because he commented about it, and sent me an email, to boot. He mentioned you specifically.

Farmer*swife said...

chatty I just love his blog!

Was afraid he'd find me an odd stalker so I explained to him that -- that's just how I am when excited about new fav things!

[I reviewed most of his archives in the time available...]

Jay said...

If the dishwasher needs to be run I try to start just when I go to bed. Then, the next morning I empty it. I'm not super organized, but I have that one down.

And I never make the bed. ;-)

Anonymous said...

I, too, enjoyed that website! But I am ever so not organized...
Your list of things to do in one day? That wears me out! But I'm trying to do better. Maybe these tips will make the difference?