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Monday, March 2, 2009

Bold & the Barbies; Land of the Legos: video loaded!

I tried to upload this yesterday for most of the late afternoon and evening.  Apparently, blogger was having a bad Sunday -- along with other parts of the internet.  This morning?  Upload with no problems!
So, here is yesterday's recount of the "Sunday Sagas" in Farmer*sWife's house!
It is Sunday, and it seems that once again we have visited the "Bold & The Barbies" and "The Land of the Legos."
Join us for today's episodes which include, "One Sick Kitty" and "Farmer, Jr. Built A Brand New Ride!"
Bold & The Barbies: Snow Whites Kitty is Ill!
Land of the Legos:  The Sand Buggy!
Happy Monday!



Anonymous said...

Did you see the size of that needle!?! Yikes! But no earwax, THAT is a relief, lol
On the other hand, I feel a lot better about taking my cat to the vet now, since I'm pretty sure they won't be telling me to come back twice a week for the next 2 years!

Now K'Nex - those we know and love around here!

BTW, your counter tops are gorgeous!

Debbie Yost said...

"This is the motorcycle that I builted." LOL! I love listening to kids talk. It's bittersweet that they have to grow up and learn proper grammar, but I sure enjoy it while I can.

Love the motorcycle. We actually have things like that in this house of girls. MA is quite talented with the legos and k'nex.