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Saturday, March 7, 2009

It's ME! Betty!

Guess what!  What NOW, Farmer*sWife?  You won the lotto?  You saved big at the grocery store?  There are happy faces growing in your baby trees?
No, no.  I didn't win the lotto.  But, I DID save big.  And, I didn't know Happy Faces could grow on trees.  Maybe I need to look into gettin' one of those and then I could surprise people by mailing them home-grown happy faces....  I'll ponder on that one later. ;-)
But, that's not what I'm hear about.  I'm hear about, Betty!  She's a new blog friend (and follower, Yippeeee) I met at....can you guess???   Twitter!  Twitter has been fantastic!  I love the chatter and I love how supportive folks are in there -- folks from eeeeverywhere!
And, they tweet you out (that's twitter code for Pimp ya!).  It's been great.  I also met @jodi there and @lisasamples -- they both blog too, but it's hard to get their url quick and easy cuz bloggers follower changed things up.  But, I believe they are both somewhere under other names in my blogroll way down on the left side of my blog -- along with @it's_me_Betty!  
Anyhow, so @ It's_Me_Betty put up a little award for me at her place.  She formerly blogged at her hubby's blog but realized that she needed a creative space of her own. ;-)  We all know, it's addicting.
So, anyhow.  She gave me.....(blushing with joy) an award.  A Creative Award.
Guess what else?  I get to pass it along to seven other bloggies.  [Only seven!!  So, if I send it to ya' you gotta' help me share with those I missed, kay??]
Now for the rules, Seven things I love (ONLY SEVEN?)
  1. My God (hey, I don't pimp him often but he's done a whole lot for me) ;-)
  2. My Life
  3. My Family a/k/a My Life (this includes all my other pertinent friends and family members)
  4. My New Found Calling and new YOB!  Thanks to Lis, the Team and all the members!
  5. My White Apple LT a/k/a Macxine (pretty clever, huh?) Whom, without, none of this overturn of advents into the cyberworld would have been achieved.
  6. My Outlook on Life: It started out very bleak as a youngin' but you are who you are and who you want to be; not a product of who they try to make you.
  7. My Blog Friends -- who have supported me through happy, crazy, wierd, P!$$es and Moans (they do happen on occasion) and my IRL true friends as well, both near and far, who are always supportive of me and my family and my endeavors.
And, share with Seven blogs (again, ONLY SEVEN?)
Well, hmmmm.  Gosh oh Geeze, Stitch my Britches -- this is hard.....kay.  Since it's the Kreativ Blogger Award, I have to go with Creative....
  1. THAT WAS TODAY (she started me here in blogville unknowing that I would run rampart shouting out to the entire town!)
  2. Gary a/k/a Potter's Blog a/k/a Big G Pottery Man (cuz' he's really good with clay and that spinny wheel thing!)
  3. The Queen & The Fairy Tale Princess (Hey, that's not cheating cuz' they're related -- and royalty.)
  4. "My Editor" (I'm not suckin' up, I really like her!  She's awesome!  I love her to pieces cuz' she's....well...AWESOME)
  5. Harmful If Swallowed (Reading her is like reading a novel as it is unfolding in real life.  She's is fabulously creative with weaving her words and bringing you into her stories.)
  6. Another Online Mom (She gave me the hook-up with Scrapblog so I could make cool headers like the one of my kids in the cotton -- the cotton is ours, the scrapbook part came from Scrapblog) ;-)
  7. Pro-Home-Maker (He taught me the force in baby steps to the savings that I keep WOW-ing my Hubby with.  It's my new high, getting stuff cheap and sometimes for FREE!)
  8. Sweet D (Because she's my biggest cheerleader, along with my Mom, and because I love her to pieces cuz' she's one of the best people one could ever know.  She loves everyone.  She loves the world.)
Okay, bloggies.  That was really hard for me.  What?  Cheat?  Noooooo.  I most certainly did not.  Nope.   Well, okay, so I improvised a little.  It never hurts to make a great thing better, greater?  Right?
Happy Saturday Night!  I'm off to tackle the young ones into the tubs and make turkey burgers (from scratch) for dinner.  *sigh*  We lose an hour tonight.  No fair.  Cheeze-wiz.



Lis Garrett said...

Woot! Thank you!!

You know what's funny? Betty followed me and, based on her profile, I decided I needed to follow her lickety-split, too. But I *followed* her even before I received notification in my inbox that she *followed* me! Does that make any sense at all?! I started to worry that she might think I just follow people willy-nilly, but I really don't. ;-)

(I'm just a little hooked on Twitter!)

Anonymous said...

For a moment there, I thought you named your new rig "Betty" -- which would be really funny, because that is the name of my minivan! (Or Betty-Olive, or B'olive...)

And then I had to shake my head over your #1 of 7 things you love... I'm trying to imagine anyone else talking about pimping God... heh, uhuh.

You have some great bloggies there in your Creative list! :)

And my WV? Is "diedness" lol

Farmer*swife said...

Lis, I know...and she's the sweetest!

kc, I so wanted you on the list too! You deserve a photo play award, though! I have an award, but I don/t know how [lie, she gave lessons] don't have time [lie, could probably wing-it] to make the award....

So, I've preyed upon the talents of the One More Fairy Tale Princess to make it for me. Alas, I think she missed the email.

So, I'm going to go above her and hit up the Queen and the Princess will want to kick me in my pie.

But, I will take it for the award I want to share with my bloggies! ;-)

Betty said...

I loved your post, you had me laughing at
(that's twitter code for Pimp ya!)

I'm so happy to have met you, you are delightfully witty (said with and english accent lol)

No seriously though, I appreciate you being so supportive and chatting with you on twitter. I look forward to our many blogging adventures together. :)

And woo hoo on the mac! And yes of course all things first the one to love first is God. :)

You totally deserve this award always providing us with tips and coupons. :)

Prohomemaker.Com said...

Oh that is so sweet of you! I don't know what to say (except for this speech I prepared <-- stealing a joke from "Golden Girls")

You made me *so* smile on how I've been walking you through the savings with baby steps 'cause that's what I have been doing, too -- just reporting back when something is working well). BTW got several samples in the mail this week and a couple "free" coupons.

Finally, I am so happy to hear Farmer Hubby is proud of you ... I am proud of you, too, and in more ways than one.


Gary Rith Pottery Blog said...

ME???? :::blushblushblush:::
Thank you darlin'!

WPMomOf2 (jen) said...

yea, thank you so much!!

Anonymous said...

Thank you FW! You're so sweet! I've been down and out this week with the flu, so I haven't been around the blog world much at all. :( I hope to be back soon, though!


Dez said...

I'm back!! SMOOCH!!