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Friday, March 13, 2009


Howdy all!
I got behind.  The Power went OUT!!  OMG!  It had the nerve to stay out for about an hour!  So, seeing as I had no electricity to do anything I wanted to do -- I did my other favorite thing.  I cleaned.  So, actually, it worked out pretty well for me.
I know I've been slacking in my blog and blog reading.  I get to y'all three or four at a time, then back to my day job and then back to a few blogs.  Hang in there with me.  I'm building my career and also building relationships to help me share fun, free things with y'all too!
I've been really busy working in the other couple of windows open on Macxine working on Root & Sprout stuff, and trying to work on some goodies for members of Grow Together [social networking members who are also Root & Sprout readers] to review and enter to win!
Have I mentioned that Lis ROCKS?
I'm having such a blast working on this project and working with Lis and the fabulous TEAM that she hired!   [Um, yeah, the bottom pic is me!!!!  Whooop!]
Anyhow, I've met all kinds of peeps and tweeps in my endeavors and research.  One, I'm going to pimp out here because she's got a great blog and she does great GiveAways of her own (I'm getting to bigger and better stuff; you can't just get there overnight!  But, hang tight!  More freebies from ME are soon on their way).
By the way, MY EDITOR, Lis Garrett is AWSOME!
So, check out the blog I follow, Lis Samples, Mom of 2 boys, Wife of 1!  She's giving away a cute dispenser of Clorox Wipes!!!
So, click and go get it!  And, while you are at it, click the link to Grow Together and sign up.  Cuz' we'll be bringing some great GiveAways there too!  Lis has all kinds of great new things coming but you have to be a member to reap the benefits!  (You'll find me blogging there as well under Farmer*s Wife.)
And, click the link to Root & Sprout.  After you read all about MEEEEE! the TEAM, then click the right side bar under In This Issue, March 2009 -- here, I'll make it easier than that.  Click R & S:  March Issue 2009! and you can read everything written by me! all the great stuff so many parents have written and contributed!
Happy Friday!  It's FWFD of the WEEK!!!!



Prohomemaker.Com said...

I LOL on the strikeouts at the end. As I always say, "After all, it is all about me."


Doing the big food shop this afternoon -- great deals this week (last week's stunk, so I did bare minimum)

OK, better hop to it

Lisa Mom of 2 Boys said...

You are too good for me!

Anonymous said...

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