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Sunday, March 8, 2009

Cowgirls don't cry....

Y'all remember this? My Happy Cap? [Okay, it's also for bad hair days; and, lazy hair days.]
If you keep trying you will succeed -- this 'tis true because I kept searching and I found THIS for all of you! It took awhile though, due to the multiple 'embedding disabled' thingies with so many of the videos.
You have to give it a listen.  The beat is nice but the story is fantastic.  I totally *heart* this song.  Course, we heard it on the way to meet the breakfast crew this morning and it has been in my mind all day long.  
So what do I do?  Well, obvious!  I listen to it about a million kazillion times over, and over, and over until my brain reboots -- fresh and clear. ;-)
Y'all know me and I'm all capped out sometimes with my "Pull Up Your Big Cowgirl Boots and Deal With It."  
I wear this song right along with it. ;-)  That's why I wanted to share.  I don't think it will get stuck in your minds.  It's a 'me' thing.  So don't think I'm trying to set you up.  But, I really do hope you give it a little listen.
Brooks and Dunn always remind me of my farming friend and dance partner who introduced me to my Hubster.  He was a Southern guy, real southern and an excellent two-stepper, chuffler, etc.  You name it -- we could dance it.
He was killed in an ultralight accident about two or three years after he'd introduced me to my future life mate.  I remember I was at work when DH gave me the call that they heard it and thought it was him.
I thought I was okay.  But, then I broke down and went home.  I played Brooks and Dunn for the entire evening and cried.  Then, I watched it on the news....and played it all over again and cried again.
He was a great, fun-loving guy.  Gosh, darn'it.  If we didn't tell him umpteen times to stay out of that dang paper-mache craft.
Anyhow.  I don't know what possessed me to throw that in here.  I guess the flash of Kix Brooks in the video cuz' that was our nick-name for him.  He looked just like Kix Brooks so that was his name around us.
Well, I'm off to tackle the mountain of laundry and I might hit a few toilets to free up my morning tomorrow...  And, the baseboards need a good dust by the paint brush designated strictly for baseboards.  That'll make me feel like I'm earning my keep so I don't get fired from my day job.
[I'll probably take Macxine in the room with me though, while folding laundry.  So, I don't miss out on my tweeps! *smiley-wink*]
Happy Sunday!



Anonymous said...

Hey girl your blog is looking great! I have been neglecting the blogs in lieu of a Facebook addiction. lol

That is a sad story about your friend. I will have to listen to that song later.

kayla said...

I am so sorry about your friend that is so sad. I hope you are doing well. I can relate to the laundry mounds and things around the house.

kate et jim said...

You're probably finished folding your laundry by now -

But I just wanted to say, I know what it's like to lose a friend. I also know what it's like when you think about them.

Great blog, Nova. I've been enjoying reading.


Betty said...

How sad, I'm so sorry to hear about your friend. I love this song too. I'm a big country music fan.
Today was laundry day for me too. I dusk my baseboards like crazy too. I hate to see the dust build up on them. Hope you had a great sunday.

Gary Rith Pottery Blog said...

it is very early Monday, wait, what are we talking about?

kcinnova said...

Songs often remind me of people. Somehow I'd missed out on this song before (although I like B&D, and Reba). That is a sad ending for a friend who was important in your life. I guess that cowboy really wanted to fly. People who do stuff like that love it.

I keep reminding myself to get a paint brush like the one you described, and I can just hear your voice saying I need one! Esp. after the winds we've gotten, I think it would work great on my blue shutters.