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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Time to WIN Again!!!

This is what I have for you for this week's GiveAway!  I know, some of you are thinking "cleaning products AGAAAAAIN????"
And, to that I say, "Don't look a gift horse in the mouth..." :-)
I love Gain dryer sheets in original scent.  I'll also buy bounce when it is scented with Gain original scent.  Island Fresh is good too, but original is my favorite.  I don't like a dryer sheet or fabric softner that leaves your clothes smelling sweet.
I want my clothes to smell CLEAN!  Like bleach or like spring.  [I bleach all my whites.]
Dryer sheets are fantastic.  I use them even when I don't use fabric softener and in place of fabric softener.  I don't use fabric softener on jeans, etc. because I feel like it is kind of a waste. I use the liquid on sheets, blouses, shorts, soft clothing, and towels (except whites -- bleach).
Here's the tip to double your savings on this product:
CUT THE SHEETS IN HALF!  Yep.  I read this on another blog somewhere and at first I was quite skeptical.  But, you know what?  It worked just fine.  I've been doing it for a week now.  No static in the clothes, they feel soft and smell nice -- and I've doubled the use of my dryer sheets.
There are multiple other uses for dryer sheets as well:
  • Put them in your shoes if they get smelly
  • Put them in your undies drawer
  • Put them under your seat in your vehicle
  • Rub them on your skin as a mosquito deterrant
There are lots of other used for dryer sheets.  You can probably google them up.  Anyhow, you know the drill.  Comment here and tell me what you could do with a brand new box of Gain dryer sheets.
If you linkie my contest at your place, comment back and you get a second entry!  How great is that!?
This GiveAway closes on Monday, March 15th, 2009, at midnight.  I'll vlog the drawing to announce the winner.  Remember, I will have to have your shipping address to send it to you; but, I can get that via email after the winner has been announced!
Good Luck!



Lis Garrett said...

I always, always forget to use a dryer sheet. And then I find little socks and panties stuck in places they shouldn't be!

But once warm weather and sunshine arrive, I'll hang the clothes on the line. Ahhhh . . . .

PS - I *love* the way Gain smells. :-)

(don't enter me in your contest - I just wanted to comment!)

Shel said...

I swear by dryer sheets but I never thought of cutting them in clever.

What I do with them after I've used them in the dryer? I save them and then put them on the bottom of my indoor garbage cans (kitchen, bathroom, bedroom) before I put in the liner. Two reasons, one if there's a leak in the bag, the sheets help absorb the liquid and make clean-up easier; two, there's still some scent left that helps with a stinky trash can.

shel704 at aol dot com

Anonymous said...

I actually rip my dryer sheets into thirds (I started out cutting them in half a few years ago). Triple savings!!! I tried quarter sheets, but it didn't work as well. I think it's something you have to experiment with and figure out what works for you.
I agree with you on the CLEAN scent. I want my sheets to smell like I hung them on the line, even in the wintertime when line-drying is impractical.

I also put a lightly used dryer sheet in each suitcase before storing it.

C said...

I love gain, and dryer sheets. I don't use them very often though. When I do have some I love to put them in my pillow case of the pillow I am sleeping on, makes me have sweet fresh smelling dreams!!

Gary Rith Pottery Blog said...

nice new look up top, FW!

Farmer*swife said...

Gary! You get an extra entry for noticing! You're the first one!

Lisa Mom of 2 Boys said...

I put dryer sheets in the bottom of my tub when storing clothes for winter/summer. Makes a huge difference!

Karen said...

I always use Bounce, but hey what a good way to try out the Gain dryer sheets, by winning them!
And I too only like clean clothes scent no flowery smells. In fact my FAVORITE Yankee candle is "clean linen".

Betty said...

I love cleaning products!
I use them of course for drying clothes. But I also put them in the drawers like you said above & in the linen closet.

Jay said...

If you still have a problem with getting shocked every time you touch something metal, you can just carry a dryer sheet in your pocket. It really does help.

I don't cut my sheets in half, but I do use them twice. They are just as effective the second time around.

Oh, and you can put a couple of sheets in your luggage while your store it in a closet and they will keep the bags from smelling bad.

And of course leave them in there when you pack all of your clothes so your clothes won't smell musty when you get wherever you are going.

Baseball Mom said...

Well maybe I will have better luck with the drawing closer to my bday. :)

You can also pull your needle and thread through and it stops knotting & tangling. :)

I use dryer sheets when I use my dryer. But we all know I am a hanging type of gal.

captain corky said...

I wish I had the skills necessary to use bleach. We recently switched from Tide with bleach alternative to Tide with no scent at all, and as soon as that damn bottle runs out I'm going back to Tide with bleach alternative. Every time we pass the Tide isle at the super market I start to go through withdrawal.

Baseball Mom said...

I know I do not get a second chance replying twice to same post, but I wanted to share with you ..I left you a gift at my blog. Come see, when you get a chance. :)

The Queen said...

I am learning soooo much.. did not know about the old ones in the bottom of the trash can.. nor in the shoes.. nor in the car... whooot whoot.. I'm off to do that,, off like a dress on prom night!

The Queen said...

I am learning soooo much.. did not know about the old ones in the bottom of the trash can.. nor in the shoes.. nor in the car... whooot whoot.. I'm off to do that,, off like a dress on prom night!

Dianne said...

I'm getting such good ideas here!!

Love the new header

I have heard from others that if you put 1 or 2 wherever you don't want the cat to sit or claw it works

didn't work with my cats but my guys are professional terrorists

Prohomemaker.Com said...

Gosh, such great tips in your comments and post! My tip is I put them in with the holiday linenes and fabric items (chair covers, pillows, tablecloths, etc) Each year I pull them out and they smell fab-o. Never thought of cutting in half--great idea. (And I am gonna link to this post and comments -- just too many good ideas!)

Anonymous said...

Mmm. I love dryer sheets. I could use them to rub on my dog for a quick, non-wet bath. When he just gets that dog smell but a full bath isn't necessary (because he's got too much hair!), I rub him down with a dryer sheet. works works works! I promise!


Anonymous said...

I love those! i use them in drawers liners.. put them in suitcases as well.. keeps things fresh!

Farmer*swife said...

Y'all are so awesome! Thanks for playing! It's easy and fun right? Once a week, a deal/steal?

Keep coming back and I'll keep the GiveAways up! Already have ideas for my next one!

But, I know y'all might tire of cleaning stuff share what else you might want me to compare and share.

I'll vlog it if necessary to compare how it works.

Anonymous said...

Hello, not sure about this. Reckon its a lady's thing but here I go.

Anonymous said...

Hey, I linked to your contest on my site! :)


Farmer*swife said...

Why Emmeline, that earns you an extra entry as that was unexpected and not required! THANKS GAL!!!!

Carolyn G said...

I never thought about cutting them in half. I actually use them and then re-use them for dusting. Believe it or not they pick up the dust.