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Tuesday, March 24, 2009


So, some or most of you know that "Mama got a brand new ride" back in February for my 10th wedding anniversary/Valentines Day/75-plus-thousand miles on the Expedition/The Rear's going out (the Expeditions, not mine, not yet anyhow). And, with this dandy new Chariot --yep, that's what I named her. Her pet name is the "Mama-mobile II" but her formal name is "The Chariot." Because every SuperMom who lives in a Castle needs a Chariot to drive around in -- came some perks! And, XM satellite radio is one very BIG perk. And, I am now addicted to the COMEDY stations. Blue Collar is my favorite but there's a Canadian channel, and about three others that I like as well. People see me driving down the road, thinking I'm having a seizure, because I'm listening to "Laugh Out Loud" funnies on the radio. And, this is one of the guys I've heard a few times recently. Guess what else? He's clean. No cursing...but FUNNY clean. He had a bit about BedWetting but I can't find it on YouTube. (This one is funny, relationship funny, etc., FUNNY) (This one is etc FUNNY, and parenting funny too!) Anyhow, this got me thinking. Let's have a Laugh Off here at my blog! Whadda'ya think? Gary had a joke fest sometime last year -- so, I'm thinking along the same lines. If you know of a really funny (and not absolutely vulgar, nasty, or too much profanity) link to a comedian at YouTube? Leave a link in the comment section! And, if you know a really funny joke? Leave it in my comment section. I'll share my top five-ten-15 you get the idea, when this is all over. I'm thinking this should close out on Friday along with my Bunny Pencil GiveAway! Should there be a prize? Hmmmm, prizes are fun. Prizes are AWESOME! What could the prize be. A joke book? A stand up comedy DVD? A big shout out on my blog(s)? Hmmm. Pitch cheap or free ideas and we will see what I come up with. And, to end this funny fest I wanted to put up a video of Ron White 'cuz he's a Big 'Ol Funny Texas Boy -- but, it's really hard to find anything he has without oooooone curse word. He doesn't curse a lot -- most of the time -- but he does bleep them in there. Not that there is anything wrong with that. Shoot, I listen to him and laugh my @$$ off gut sore all day long -- but, I don't wanna' do what I did to Three Weddings when Debbie played the Jeff Dunham video "loudly" with her kids around and he threw out an unexpected F-BOMB!. [And, somehow, I missed it after playing it several times before and after posting! LOL!] So, Whadda'ya got for me!? Give us some Funny?


C said...

OoO I am first?! I love Jeff Dunham: He is so funny..have fun!!

Jay said...

Well I love Dave Attell and Lewis Black, but they aren't exactly family friendly.

But, for real family comedy that is absolutely HI-larious you can never go wrong with good old Jerry Clower! And oldie but a goodie.

And my favorite joke, which I'm sure everyone has heard a million times over...

Some muffins are cooking in the muffin pan in the oven. One muffin turns to another and says "Is it hot in here, or is it just me."

The other muffin then says "OMG a talking muffin!!" hehe ;-)

Okay, another.

Guy walks into a bar and he sees a German Shepherd playing poker with a bunch of guys. So, he turns to the bartender and says "Is that dog really playing poker?"

Bartender: "Yup"
Guy:"That must be the smartest dog ever!"
Bartender: "Not really. Every time he has a good hand he wags his tail."


Okay, so they're both kinda old. But, they always work. ;-)

Farmer*swife said...

C I love Jeff Dunham too!

Jay I'll look up the YouTube! The jokes are great! And, they play Jerry Clower on XM Blue Collar!!!

Thanks Y'all!

Kathryn said...

Just wanted to stop by and tell you what a great blog you have. I should've dropped by sooner. I love your CropMom layout. Thank you for posting it!

I got a real kick out of your "Mama-mobile II" nickname for your new Chariot!

You'll have to count me out for the jokes, though. I can never seem to remember a good joke when I hear one.

Betty said...

Ok after the long day of craziness I had today. I soooo needed this. These guys are funny.

Farmer*swife said...

@MisterNoodle tried to leave this comment so I'm pasting it here for him:

"I tried to leave this link for your blog but didnt see how to comment"

MisterNoodle said...

Hi! I wanted to tell you that I figured it out!! Don't know what was going on before!

Yes my entry Was Mitch Hedberg

Have a great day!


Anonymous said...

I'll have to wait to watch when the kids aren't doing homework. They've been home for 45 minutes and so far NO ONE has accomplished diddly-squat.

But my favorite? Jim Gaffigan (here he's doing CAKE):